Saturday, July 28, 2012

Giuliana Rose

  Meet the newest addition to our family.........
Welcome baby girl, Giuliana Rose Zantow: born at 12:03 pm JULY 26, 2012 weighing 7 lbs 1/2 oz and 17 3/4 inches long.  She now makes my brother's family a cute family of 4!!!!
When my kids hear that their baby cousin was born and they were going to get to meet her they were beyond excited!!!  The got out of the car with gifts in hand and took off running to the hospital!!!
As soon as we got in the room I pick up this tiny new addition and was in love! Tiny, cute, and looking like big brother Troy and drawing us all in.  The kids wanted to see and couldn't get enough.  They were so impressed!
 Proud Aunt!  It is funny how a newborn baby feels after carrying around a 9 month old baby!  I remember when we brought Addyson home.... Owen felt like a giant!  And I had to be extra careful when I picked up Addyson making sure not to use the same amount  of "force" I did when picking up her big brother!  It was kind of like that today when I held this couple of hours old baby girl!  So sweet!
 What's even sweeter.... watching my brother hold his baby girl and seeing the pride in his eyes!!!  Melts my heart!  And what I didn't notice but see now is Gina in the background looking on when such love in her eyes!
Amazing how a baby can have that affect on people!  They just draw you in!
A couple of days later we went out to Giuliana's house to visit and they kids had a great time playing with Troy!  They got out his new birthday gift from Nammie and went to town bbqing and eating!  It was so cute to watch them all play together and Ethan wanted to get in on the fun!
 Ethan also spotted the cat and wanted in on that fun too!!!  Not scared of anything!  Not even when the cat hisses at him!  Nope, he is determined!  And when we pried his hands from her fur he screamed at us... Not happy to not be allowed to play with that cat!
 The cat ran off to seek shelter and Ethan was right behind her!!!!  Not going to give up!
Welcome to the family Giuliana Rose!!  
Addyson is excited to have a girl cousin to play with!  Get togethers are going to be so much fun with so many little ones running around!!!!

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