Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Brad

Brad and I always said we'd rather take a trip for a special day (birthday, Christmas, etc) instead of a gift because memories will last a life time unlike some gifts!  So I've stuck good to our word and I rarely get Brad big gifts.  Then, right before this trip, he told me "yes, but, it is nice to have something to open."  I can see that!  So I quickly started looking for a perfect gift to go with our adventure!  I found a waterproof digital camera that is perfect!!!  Thanks Ken and Robin for going in on it with me!  I was hoping to post pics from the new camera in this post but the dark background in the shallow sand hasn't given us many good pictures.  It will be perfect for the pool, lake, and fishing trips!
The other part of Brad's gift is our big summer road trip!!!  We are celebrating his birthday at Sable Beach with my parents! We usually celebrate with 4th of July fireworks (growing up, his parents always told him they were for him) but this year we missed all fireworks.  We were in the States for Canada Day (July 1) and in Canada for the 4th but we tried to make up for it with bon fires, swimming, and a beer at the beach!
Before heading back to the cottage (10 minute drive from Sable Beach), we stopped at DQ to get an ice cream cake for the birthday boy(s).... Nina told Owen she would get him an ice cream cake to celebrate his birthday with them!
I think someone was happy about that plan!
After a yummy dinner (we had also had a yummy breakfast with Becky and Josh that morning before they headed back to Guelph) the kids got the cake ready for daddy!
We sang "Happy Birthday"
Tried to take a picture but Owen couldn't take his eyes off the cake!!! : )
And then they blew out the candles, each making a wish!
Brad, for you, I wish you a great year!  I know this year will be exciting as you settle into your new job and enjoy being home more with your family!  We already have so many fun things planned and we can't wait!  I hope 33 treats you as good as it as treated me!  You deserve it!  
Happy Birthday, Honey!  We love you so much!

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