Monday, July 2, 2012

Headed to Canada

This morning we left Northern Indiana and headed up to Red Bay, Ontario to meet my family at the cottage.  My goal was to leave between 6-7am and guess what.... we made it!!!  Actually, we left at 6am on the dot!  Who would have thought?!?!  One of the nice things about the RV is we are self contained!  There was no waking up the kids, getting them dressed, packing up.... nothing!  Brad and I got ready while the kids slept and then they woke up as we were pulling out of the backyard!  It was perfect and the main reason we were able to leave on time!
We had a 9-10 hour drive plus had to account for a stop to dump our tank, time at the boarder, and we were going to loose an hour due to time change so we were really planning for a 13 hour day!  It was the boarder crossing I dreaded the most!  I've crossed SO many times in my life and have been searched many times, answered tough questions, and sat through 2+ hour long lines.  Not today!
Nope, we were in line for 10 minutes and asked 2 questions: "How many people are you traveling with ?"and "Are you taking any products that you are going to leave behind?"  "5" and "No" and that was that!  Have a nice trip and a good day!  Wow, too easy!!!  I was SO afraid of being searched!  So afraid of taking across some kind of food we couldn't or being forced to throw it out!  Actually to prepare, we stopped 15 minutes before the boarder so we could eat up all of the fresh food we could... turns out, we didn't even need to worry about that!  I was also worried about the kids saying something they shouldn't.  I quizzed them on full names, birth dates, and where we are from to make sure it was all fresh in their mind and then I bribed them with chips after the crossing to encourage them to sit still and be quiet while we were talking to the boarder control agent.  It was a breeze!  I really had nothing to worry about!  The kids were not heard and they weren't even questioned!!  I hope it is that easy going back!
And the drive was a breeze too!!!!  The kids actually took a really early nap, about 10 am, since they woke up so early!  They woke up from nap in time to eat the lunch I made and then it was a 4 hour drive from the boarder to the cottage and everyone was happy and excited!  The trip took us 9 hours exactly!  I can't  believe we made it in the exact amount of time the GPS said we would! And you know what, the kids didn't want to watch tv one time!!!  Nope, they just relaxed, read books, looked out the window, and enjoyed the ride!  I think 4 days with family wore them out a bit and helped with the calm demeanor in the RV!  I hope that means on our two day trip home they'll be just as calm!!!!
Ethan was excited that he got to visit Michigan and a new country for the first time all in one day!!!  What I was excited about was that we were doing it!!!  We were fulfilling part of our vision we had for the RV!  To visit my family in Canada we either have to buy 5 airplane tickets or drive and we were finally driving!  We were using the RV for one of it's main purposed!  Not only were we doing it but,  it was a really pleasant trip and that makes me happy to know that this dream/vision IS possible and not too far fetched!  Here's to fun adventures in Canada!

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