Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kid Day

About a month ago Dieter called to ask if he could take Owen to a Blue Jay baseball game!  I was SO excited and happy that he had thought about taking out Owen for a special uncle/nephew day!  Owen caught wind of the question and got super excited... there was no way I could tell De "no" even if I wanted to!!!  What I did tell him is that he was taking my precious cargo to downtown Toronto and he better guard him with his life!!!  No sending Owen to get him a beer or anything crazy like that!!!  I knew Owen was in good hands and that he and De would have an amazing time!!!  Owen was counting down the sleeps until the big game the minute we got to Guelph!!!
Finally the day had come and Owen couldn't wait!!!  Having to wait 4 hours after waking up before leaving was about to do him in!!: )  We hugged him goodbye and sent him on his way!!! ( Dieter took my smaller camera and got some cute pictures but I can't figure out how to get them on my computer so there will be a later post with pictures just from the game!)
And then it was just Addyson and I left standing outside.... kinda weird!  She was now my "oldest" for the day.  And she soaked it up!!!!
While we were telling Owen goodbye, Ethan was helping Nina in the kitchen and feeding Britt his snack!  It was a bit quiet with Dieter and Owen gone!  Then Opa took Addyson to get an ice cream... then it was really quiet!  I often wonder what it would be like (again) to have just one child and now that I had it... for the moment... I really didn't like it... it was TOO quiet!  Funny that when I do get a quiet moment all I do is think about my kids!!!!
Becky wanted to do something fun with Addyson so she gave her a "spa day" on the deck!!!  Addyson loved all of the attention!  She is such a girly girl and loves having her nails painted... I really should do that more!
The rest of our afternoon was spent watching the Blue Jay game and trying to find De and Owen on tv!!!  De got really good seats behind 1st base so we thought we'd spot them... dad thought he say Owen at one point but after careful replay (over and over again) he decided it wasn't Owen since it wasn't De sitting next to the little boy.... Man, I hope De didn't go get a beer and leave some stranger to watch my little guy!!! ; )  They had an amazing time!!!  I can't wait to share the pictures on here!!!

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