Friday, July 6, 2012

Last Night at the Cottage

Tonight was our last night at the cottage.  I can't believe the time has gone this quickly!  We've had so much fun!  Dieter went home Wednesday night and Becky went home Thursday morning so right now it is just our family and my parents so it is a bit quieter so I think we are all ready to get "home" to Guelph.  Leave on a good note!  To celebrate our last night we got a HUGE trout for the locals to put on the grill with some veggies!!!  Owen (and everyone else) was SO impressed with the size of this fish!!!!  And it was SO good!  Perfect last meal... although I'm sure Brad and Owen would have preferred if they were the ones that caught the fish!
 Since it is our last night, I should post some pictures of our little oasis!  Here is our beach area!  And the nice grassy walkway that leads up to the cottage and bunk house.
 Here is the bunk house, this is where we stayed.  Most cottages have a main cabin and then a house with beds in it to host guests.  This house had queen bunk beds and then another bed.  It was perfect for us!
Here is the main cottage.  We spent most of our time (when not at the beach) in the screened in sun room!  It was so peaceful!!!!
To the left of our beach area was the stream... that is where Owen spent most of his time when not in the water!  It was perfect!  We had such a relaxing week and only left the cottage once as a group and then Brad and I left for a quick trip to town for a mini afternoon date today.  It was nice to not have to worry about time, rushing, phones, or anything else going on in the outside world!  We have gone 9 days without tv and we don't even miss it... the kids haven't asked one time to watch anything!  There are too many other things do to!  That is one of my favorite things about vacation!
Out last night at the cottage wouldn't be complete without a bon fire and s'mores!!!!
Addyson isn't a huge fan of marshmellows, she'll eat one or two, but, she is a HUGE fan of cooking them for everyone else!!!!  Just know when you eat yours there might be some ash or bark on it!! ; )
Hmmm, this is good.... but, what is that crunchy thing I'm eating???  Might be some ash if Addyson made it!!
Owen thinks this is the perfect marshmallow roasting outfit!
You know what, I'm SO bummed we didn't get any good group shots at the beach.  That is the downside with being somewhere a long time... I say, "Oh, I'll get that tomorrow... there is plenty of time!" and before you know it, tomorrow has come and gone and there are no pictures!  And I am scanning through all of the pictures trying to find as many as I can with as many people as possible.  Oh how I wish we had gotten a family photo with the water background!!!!  Oh well.... next time.
There might have been a lack of group pictures but there wasn't a lack of marshmallows!!!  There was rumor that one person ate 14 marshmallows... I'm not sure if that is true or not so I won't say who did it.... but it is vacation so anything goes, right?!?! : )
What a great week at the cottage!
Sunday Brad will head back to the States to work for 2 weeks before flying back up to help me drive the RV back with the kids.  I'll miss having him around!  This has been a great 11 days together as a family!

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