Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Library with Friends

This morning Ms. Jules with Shaky Bugs was playing at the library!!!  We are getting close to school starting so I am trying to do as many of  Owen's favorite things with his as possible!  He as been going to Shaky Bugs since he was about 20 months old!!  To join in on the fun, we brought our friend Alia along!  Her mommy just had a baby a couple of weeks ago and needed a bit of help!  We were happy to bring her along and Addyson took Alia under her wing of care!!!
We all sat down to listen to Ms. Jules and Ethan was SO excited about the music that he stood up and bounced most of the time!!!!  He loves music so this was a perfect morning for him!
The girls were also excited!!!  See how they are standing while everyone else is sitting?!?!  They were so cute!!!  Really there was lots of excitement in the air since this is the first time my kids have seen their friends in a month!!!!  Addyson told me that "her's my best friend" when talking about Isabella!!!!  SO sweet!
Trying to keep my eyes on the 4 kids was a bit harder this trip..... Ethan is very mobile and very adventurous!!!!  He went to get a close-up view of Ms. Jules and her guitar and didn't look back to me once!!!!  He was too busy dancing!
Alia went over and got in on the fun with the big girls!!!  So much bouncing and dancing!!!!  One thing about Shaky Bugs is Ms. Jules has been singing the same song for years so the kids LOVE that they know what is coming next and know the words to the songs!!!  It is great fun!
Let's hold hands and dance, Addyson!  Oh, and the cute girly giggles that accompany the fun are SO cute!!!!
Where was Ethan?!?!  Still up front and center.... now chewing on his shaker!!!!
Isn't this picture so sweet???  Isabella is showing Ethan her maraca while big brother Owen looks on!
After all of the shaking and dancing we were hungry so we headed back to our house for lunch!!! Awww..... it is great to be back with our friends and doing the things we love!!!!  What a great morning at the library with our friends!

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