Monday, July 9, 2012

Life in Guelph

Our 2 weeks in Guelph has begun!!!  And everyone is having fun!!! Opa and Nina have toys they have been gathering from previous visits and the kids are loving having new toys to play with!  Ethan is right there in the mix of everything!  My day usually starts with these happy two at 6:30... this is when I wish Brad was here to get up early with them while Addyson and I sleep in until 8 or 8:30!  Ethan goes for a nap around 8:30 and then when he wakes up (between 9:30 and 10) we head out to do something.
Some times we go swimming!!!  Nina's parents have an indoor pool where the kids can go practice their skills!
Their pool also has a diving board that Owen is proud to say he can jump off of!!!  Can you believe it?!?!
He is having a blast this summer with his new found swimming skills and confidence!  He goes under water...
pops up, and swims!!!  What a big guy!  There are several people I know that have pools so I'm hoping to do a lot of swimming this trip to perfect these skills!
There are also great parks here!!!  One, Riverside Park, has a carousel and a train to ride along with all of the typical park things!  Owen was SO excited to see a Razorback in Guelph!
 Addyson was forced to be brave and rode a horse this time instead of the sled like at the festival the other night.  Nina put her on the horse and she fought it in the beginning but ended up having fun!!!  We knew she'd like it!
Ethan had fun watching the kids go around and around and we would wave as we saw them go by.  He loves to wave!  He was so cute squealing as he saw them!  I had to laugh!
Then we rode the train!!!  It is a cute train that passes by the playground so you can wave to the kids playing!  Then we go along the river for a bit and can see the geese out there swimming and walking around before you head back to the station and they actually make the loop 3 times!
The kids had so much fun!  I love how Owen was checking in on Ethan to see if he was having fun.  Owen remembers this train from other summers so as soon as we get to Guelph he starts asking Nina when we are going to go ride the train!
Right now, on my dad's computer there is a slide show playing from our trip to Riverside park 2 years ago.... Addyson looks SO different!  She is little... about 1.5 years old and no hair!!!  It is fun to see this picture and the older picture as I type and see how much she has grown and how much her hair has grown!!! : )
After the rides we headed over to the playground!  I think the last time Nina gave Addyson an underdog push I was 41 weeks pregnant with Ethan and we were walking around the Prairie Grove battlefield trying to get Ethan to come!!!
Now, we are a family of 5 and visiting my family in Canada!!!  I also can't believe that the last time we were up here was 18 months ago... this is the longest we have gone in-between visits in a while!  I guess with school, being pregnant, and then having a baby (with 2 other kids) put a bit of a damper on our travels.
The 18 month gap is one reason we are planning on staying in Guelph for 2 weeks, we want to make sure to be able to visit with as many people as possible!  Out of all of my family and friends up here, my dad, mom, and sister are the only ones that have met Ethan so I can't wait to introduce him to everyone!
Speaking of can't wait to do things... Owen couldn't wait to show me his new skills on the monkey bars!!!  Brad had told me Owen could swing from arm to arm up high but I had never seen him do it.
I was impressed at his upper body strength and how he could go the whole length of these bars!!!  There is always a constant reminder these days how O is growing up... just a little over a month until he starts kindergarten.
One thing I was worried about when deciding to stay for so long was having 3 kids for that length of a time without their daddy around.  I knew nights would be hard as I try to get everyone ready for bed at one time... I haven't had to do it by myself for that length of time in over 2 months thanks to his new job!!!  My worries were soon cast to the side when I realized how many helping hands I have around the house!!!  Nina even offered to bathe the kids for me every night... even the nights she has to go to work at 7 (she is a labor and delivery nurse and is on nights while I am here)!  That is a HUGE help!  There are also plenty of hands and minds around to help entertain the kids!  While I'm sure there will be times we are all a little stir crazy (there will be 5 adults, 3 kids, 2 dogs, and a cat at my parent's house), I know this trip will be jam packed of fun and memories!

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