Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Morning with Tete Bec

 This has been a great visit for everyone!  My siblings have been wonderful with my kids! It is SO cute to watch everyone interact together!  I found this picture on my sister's facebook page that said "my buddy".  Addyson loves all of the girly things that Becky loves and they both love cooking!  So many fun things in common!  Buddies forever!
Today my sister wanted to have a special day with the kids so she took the big two to Funmazing... she told me I wasn't  invited!  Oh... thanks!  You know me, I love to be there to watch everything and take pictures but thankfully Becky took pictures... again I found them on facebook!! : )  Owen had been asking to go there every since we got to Canada... he remembers this place... we go there every time.  I was confused at first because he kept calling it the "dinosaur place" and I wasn't sure what that was.  Then it clicked... he got dinosaur socks there once so that's why he named it that!
 The place is awesome with a great jungle gym but turns out the kids were addicted to the paying games and wanted to play those over and over again and win tickets.  I told Becky all she had to do was tell them "no" ... that's what I would have done... but she has a different approach... she is the fun aunt that doesn't see them often so pretty much anything goes.  Needless to say the kids came home with prizes like this frog that Addyson is still toting around!
 Looks like they didn't "just" play games, they also took advantage of all of the fun play stuff!!!  I think they had a funmazing time!!!
After that they went to the mall, to McDonald's, and the coffee shop to meet some of Becky friends.  What a busy morning.... she didn't get them home until 2 and they napped until almost 5!!!!  I think Becky napped too!!! : )  Great times with Tete Bec!

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