Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Friends

Today Ethan made a new friend.... actually he has made lots of new "friends" on this trip but this little guy is closest to his age!  Today we all met Rhys for the first time!  He is the 3 month old little guy of my friend Nicole.
Much like Ethan is showing Rhys how to use this toy, Nicole was there to show me the ins and outs of high school in Erin when I lived up here for a year.  I met Nicole early in the year in class and we became good friends when we were on the school basketball team together.
Her parents were also very supportive of me that year!  I spent many nights at their house.  And now, now I'm back with 3 little ones of my own and they are just as supportive..... watching my big two play with Greyson, Nicole's oldest, in the pool while Nicole and I watched and caught up!
It is nice having a lot of kid-friendly places to go visit!!!  Nicole's parents have a dance studio in their basement... the kids LOVED the space and mirrors!!!  Ethan loved showing off his skills..... he has officially taken ONE STEP!!!!!  Yep, 9 months and 1 week old and he has taken a step!!!
In the basement there were plenty of things for the kids to do to burn energy!!!  Nina is working nights while we are visiting so it is nice that the kids and I have lots of places to go and people to visit so Nina can nap during the day in peace and quiet and then I bring home 3 tired kids that nap as soon as we get home and the house can remain quiet!!!  I was worried about this at first but it has worked out so well!
Nicole's mom is a 1st grade teacher so she has lots of fun kid art things around that are perfect for this little crew!  They made lots of art projects... 2 of them we'll get to use as a birthday card for Opa... perfect!
And since she is a teacher AND grandma she has a special way with kids!!!  Ethan warmed right up to her!
After art the kids put on a music show for us!!!  So many fun, new toys to explore!!
Then it was time for lunch.... everyone had worked up a hunger!  Nicole had prepped everything for chicken salad wraps.... kids just love making their own ______ (tacos, sandwiches, wraps) !  I need to start making more of these sort of meals at home!  Meal time is fun when no one is complaining!!!
And true to Addyson's typical self, she helped in the kitchen!!!!  She would much rather help an adult in the kitchen than play with kids!!!  This has been the theme of our trip as many people comment on how helpful she is!  Once a task is competed she quickly asks, "What am I gonna do next?"
And to wrap up our day, the kids had ice cream sandwiches outside for dessert!  What a great day!  It was hard to leave!  The kids were playing so good together and there were so many new, fun things to do and play with!
There were hugs for our new friends and talk of getting together again before we leave!!!  Usually we only get to see friends once when we are in town... so many people to see and things to do... but I think we will find a way to get together with Greyson again!  It is good to see old and new friends!!!

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