Saturday, July 7, 2012

Night in Guelph

This is one reason why Brad wanted to head to Guelph instead of staying an extra night at the cottage.  Family!  He rarely gets to visit with my Canadian Family and going to Guelph for a night afforded him this!  We had Opa Tick Tack (my Opa) there as well as Uncle Roy, Aunt Kim, and their boys Tyler and Brandon.  It was great to see everyone and to have Brad there with us!
The night was perfect for fun on the deck!!!  And Tete's lap is big enough for 2 of our cuties!
Ethan had fun hanging out under the table!  It is a glass top table so he kept trying to reach up and get the things he could see.  It was funny to watch!
He is loving the big dogs!!!  Not afraid at all.  When Britt comes up he usually closes his eyes in preparation for her kisses!!  When she just walks by he'll reach out to pet her!!!
And Britt really likes Ethan... especially when he is eating!!!  A bite for Britt....
And a bite for Ethan!!  A little dog germs won't hurt him.... right?!?!
We live close to the Italian Canadian Club (that is where we went for New Year's Eve last year) and this weekend they are having their big festival so we decided to walk there for more fun!!!
Tete was excited to take the kids to ride some rides and play games.  She led them through looking for fun things to do with the rest of our group in tow.
First stop, carousel.  Addyson refused to ride one of the horses.  Not sure why she is scared of them all of sudden.  She had just as much fun riding in the sled with Becky.
After that, we grabbed dinner (they were serving spaghetti and meatballs, pizza, and sausage) and went into the hall to eat and listen to music (this is the hall where we danced the night away into 2011).  The kids had fun dancing with Nina and Becky... I love how kids are rarely embarrassed!  Rarely overthinking what others around might think of them!
All they care about is having fun and being with ones they loved.  Owen asked me to dance and I couldn't say No!  He steals his one-on-one times when he can!!!
After dinner we headed back outside where all of the action was.  Owen had disappeared and all of a sudden came back with goodies!!!  Tete had taken him to go play a game and get cotton candy... think she spoils them at all???
Then it was Addyson's turn to go play.  Turns out the game cost $5 to play and my sister told the guy she was only going to pay for Owen to play if she could bring back her niece and she could play for free and the guy agreed!  My sister is a smooth talker!
Right away Addyson asks for a fish... that is what she saw first and thought of Nemo so she got it and was excited....
Until she saw the cell phone.... that's what she REALLY wanted!!!  So, not only did my sister ask for a 2-for-1 play but the guy had to do extra work to please this 3 year old!!! 
And he was such a good sport about it!
Hopefully seeing the smile on Addyson's face made it worth his troubles!!!!  She was SO excited about her HUGE phone!
At this point it is 10:30.... 3 hours past Ethan's bedtime on a normal day and given the fast we are coming off of a busy week, he probably would have liked to go to bed earlier!!!  We were waiting to see if Brad made it into the spaghetti eating contest and we wouldn't find out until 11 so we had to hang around.
He was SO tired.... I kept hoping he'd fall asleep!  We played pass the baby hoping he'd find a shoulder he liked enough to sleep on.  This is the closest he got with Brandon.  This little guy fights sleep SO bad!!!  He can be exhausted and won't sleep.  I remember with other 2, I could put them in the sling and they'd nap... not E!
So what do I do, nurse him right then and there to try to make him happy.  There were no chairs anywhere to sit on so I just lifted my shirt and nursed.... is that resourceful or crazy?!?!  Whatever it is, it works... a momma does what a momma has to do!  We ended up getting the kids to bed around 11:30!!!  What a long and fun night!  I'm glad Brad was there for it... and I'm also thankful that Brad doesn't have an early morning flight!  I hope everyone sleeps in after the late bedtime!!  Good Night!

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