Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Opa Tick Tack

Today the kids and I drove to Toronto to spend the morning with Opa Tick Tack.... why do we call him Opa tick tack?  Because in German great-grandpa is "uropa" and "ur" sounds like "uhr" which is how you say clock in German and what sound does a clock make.... in German tick tack.... and this is what my cousins called Opa Tick Tack's dad and I loved it so I had my kids call my Opa that!!!

And doesn't this picture just melt your heart?!?!  It does mine!!!  I treasure moments like these!
We picked up Opa TT at his place and took him to the shopping plaza by his house where I have taken many shopping trips with Oma and Opa back in the day!  First stop, Tim's for a doughnut!  Another favorite past time memory for me AND now my kids have that same memory!!!  Owen remembers going here with Opa 2 summers ago!
Opa waited at the table with Ethan while the kids and I picked out our goodies.  I came back to see Opa playing with Ethan.  It was SO cute and Ethan just loves him!  Opa is great with big kids... I don't remember him being a fan of babies... it was usually Oma that took care of the babies... but today, I saw a completely different side of my Opa!!!
We came back with our goodies and sat here to eat and catch up with Opa.  My time with him is so limited on trips to Canada that I try to soak up as much as we can in our short time.  That's one reason I wanted to go to the plaza instead of a Tim's shop so the kids could get up and play a bit.  There was an older lady sitting beside us watching us... I was trying to figure out what she was thinking... was I letting my kids be too crazy???  She turned to me and told me I had beautiful children and then she pointed to Addyson and said, "She is very smart.  Too smart." and then she smiled.  Funny how no matter where we are, Addyson draws people in!!!
How can this cute thing with that "look" in her eye not draw you in?!?!  My dad often asks her (in a loving way) where her horns are... no horns here... just flags to wear to cheer on Team Canada during the Olympics! : )  They flags must be covering up the horns!
We walked around the plaza for over an hour, shopped at the Dollar Store, got some candy for Opa and the big kids (Opa LOVES his sweets), and decided to head out to go visit Oma's gave.  Opa walked out with Owen to the car... another sweet moment!  I had to quickly grab my camera to capture the moment!
From there we headed out to Oma's garden.... Owen had overheard Opa and I talking about "going to see Oma" and he was excited to see her and then I had to try to explain to my 5 year old that we weren't going to "see" her, we were going to remember her and think about her.... that was hard!  The other hard part was that we got lost and drove for over 30 minutes trying to find it.... and it was pushing lunch/nap time and we were all getting antsy.  Finally... we found it!  the kids were glad to get out and stretch their legs by the beautiful pond!
Then Addyson followed Opa to go see Oma's marker.  He was pointing it out to her and see looked on but I know she has no clue what all of this means.
After checking out the pond, Owen soon came to see what we were looking at.  He was curious... and I'm not sure how much to tell him.
And what is a sad reality is that my Auntie Gabby is buried right in front of where Addyson is standing.  It is nice having these two women in my life close together so we can pay our respects to them both but it is sad that we are there paying our respects to them... I wish they were both here to see the kids and I!
But I still have my Opa!  While we are there he says things to Oma like, "I'll see you soon."  and I tell him not to say those things... he's gonna live a long time...that's what I want to think.  I don't want to think that this is our last visit.  But, for him, he is ready to be with Oma again and there is something very romantic about that.
But, these is something VERY special about this moment...

And I want more of these!!!
For my kids!  For me!!
For my Opa!  Heartwarming moments I was glad to capture!
Before we called it a day we took Opa for lunch to Harvey's...we wanted to go to Swiss Chalet... a place I ALWAYS go with Opa.. I have tons of memories of Oma and Opa there but it was 2 and my kids were tired so we needed something quick and easy.  It was a nice lunch.  And as always, Opa took half of his sandwich home with him for his dinner.  He sat down, cut his sandwich in half, and wrapped up the one half so he was sure to save it.  When we would go to Swiss Chalet he and Oma would save their bun and then take some of their chicken and make buns to take home with them.. you could always count on this tradition!  I was sad to leave Opa.  It makes me sad that I live so far away from him and only get to see him once a year.  But I try not to think of that while we are with him.  We just enjoy our time with Opa Tick Tack and make memories that my kids will look back on and smile and THAT is exactly what we did today!!!

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