Thursday, July 19, 2012

Opa's Birthday

Today is Opa's birthday and I was excited that we were here to help celebrate!!!  Owen and I had picked out Opa a Razorback shirt the day we went shopping on Owen's birthday and now the secret could finally be out!!!!
The kids had also made Opa cards.  Owen has taken his card making to a whole new level.  No longer is it just drawing a picture.  He wants to write words on it and he wanted to make a joke on Opa's card.  He wrote... "He's a car".... I don't get the joke but Owen is new a joke making and to him... it was funny... and to us it was funny that we didn't get it... so we laughed which in the end makes the joke successful, right?!?!
The kids also wanted to get balloons, streamers, and party hats for Opa's party... the things they are use to having at a kid party.  Nina took them shopping for balloons and we passed on the rest.  They were SO excited to show Opa the colors they had picked out for him!
They guys are always hamming it up.... and Opa totally encourages it!!!!
Where's Owen?!?!
Opa's birthday party was pretty low key.  We hung out in the front yard as the neighbors came over one by one to wish him a Happy Birthday.  We had drinks out there and enjoyed the evening.... it actually rained a bit and cooled things off!!!
Then we ate pizza for dinner.  There is a pizza place across the street so I offered to go get it... kid-free!  That's a small break for me and I'll take it!!!  The small break turned into a big one when I couldn't find the pizza place.  There is a plaza across the way... where I assumed the place was... but saw no sign and couldn't see the store front.  I wondered around aimlessly until I saw a group of teenage guys that I was SURE would know where the pizza place was!!!  And they did!!!  When I got back Nina asked what took so long.   When I leave I joke about how I might not come back.... she was probably beginning to get worried!! : )
For dessert we had ice cream sandwiches from Dairy Queen that we put a candle in for Opa to blow out!!!!  No cake but ice cream and the kids were okay with that!!!!
And then it was time for our photo shoot!!!  Many, many pictures were taken.  Some by me.  Some by Addyson... like this one.... and some by Owen.
 My dad and I!!!!
Addyson does a pretty good job at taking pictures!!!  Sometimes our heads are cute off but for the most part she gets it focused and gets most of us in the shot.
There we go... my parents and I.... with Owen playing in the background....
Now a family shot.... Becky had to work tonight....and Ethan was napping....
Then it was Owen's turn.... he too takes a good picture!
Happy Birthday, Opa!!!  So glad we were able to celebrate with you!!!

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