Friday, July 20, 2012

Opa's Other Birthday

 I woke up this morning... Owen was already upstairs with Opa.  This is what he does every morning since he is up first.  It is nice, he quietly goes upstairs and let's the other two and I sleep and Opa turns on the tv for Owen before he leaves for work.  They also have their bonding time then.... so when I came upstairs this morning Owen proclaimed that today is "Opa's other birthday".  Yep, my dad likes to celebrate his birthday as long as possible.....

Now you see where I get it from!!!: )  To celebrate this morning Opa went and got 40... yep, 40 timbits (and we proudly ate them all) and coffees for the adults!!!!  Waking up to a treat like this is kind of nice... I don't mind Opa celebrating a "other birthday"!!!!!  No wonder Owen asked me if we could move to Canada!!! : )
And neither do the kids!!!!  Opa, glad we could be here to help you celebrate your "other birthday" too!!!!

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