Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pig Roast

Brad's aunts and uncles did a great job of hosting while we were all there visiting!  When they agreed to this BIG visit months ago, I'm not sure they knew what they were getting themselves into!!!  They had an additional 3 families staying at their house/property.  That meant 6 adults and 6 kids 5 and under (2- 5year olds, 3 year, 2 year, 18 months, and 8 months) and on top of that, the daily visitors of Brad's grandma, her sister, a cousin (Rich), and an aunt and uncle! 
Luckily, Mark and Cindy have a huge deck, huge yard, and pool so there was plenty of space!  We enjoyed evenings outside with everyone!  On our final evening in town they had a pig roast planned!  It rained all morning (stormed) and we were afraid we'd be rained out.  But, by afternoon, the weather was perfect!  Cooled off from the rain and made for an enjoyable last evening in Indiana!
Everyone made/brought something to share to go along with the pig!  First stop, veggies!  Addyson ate most of the peppers!!!
Is that ranch dip or sunscreen on your face, Addyson?!?!
While we visited, the pig roasted away!!!  Look at that!  That is Brad with his Uncle Mark and cousin Kevin.
Addyson wanted to take a peak too!  Brad took pictures of the unroasted pig but I didn't want to post those on here.... I got several comments that it looks like a dog so it is probably better to leave them off.  Surprisingly to me, the kids were not phased by the pig!  They loved looking at it and didn't mind that we were going to eat it!
Uncle Mark and Uncle Wayne were the carvers!  Where to start???
And Owen was excited to be eating some pig....
He wanted the foot!  I think he thought it would be like eating a chicken leg.  Wasn't so much.  Not a lot of meat. After a couple of bits he was done with it!  On to bigger pieces of pig!
Olivia said, who needs meat when you can eat dirt out of the garden?!?!
Silly girl!
After that feast, the kids had energy to burn!  Lisa was great with the kids and organizing games for them!  We had SO much fun visiting with the family!  We were fed like kids and queens by all of the aunts and uncles!  I think we are going to try to turn this trip into a yearly trip!  We are already planning next summer's adventure!  Thanks again to all of the Saberniak family for the wonderful hosting!!!  Many memories were made over these past 4 days!

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