Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Safari Again

The safari was SO much fun the first time around that we decided to go back through one more time before heading home.  We decided to hit the hot spots; lions, baboons, and ostriches and then leave.  It was 3 so I thought the kids might fall asleep on the safari and I figured we'd be out of there in 20-30 minutes.

Not the case!!!  The animals were in different spots within their designated area and doing different things so it was just as fun and exciting!!!  We took it all in!!
And this time we had even more visitors to our car!!!
(if you want, you can pay to take a bus through the safari to save your car from getting damaged, I'm glad we didn't... in the car the kids were free to roam around and we could go through on our own time and if we liked something we could stay longer and if we weren't interested any more we could move on.... even if the baboons get on your car... I think the damage would be minimal to the fun experience you can have on your own... just my opinion)
Yep, the baboons came to visit and the kids got a HUGE kick out of that!!!  It was awesome!!!
They crawled all over our car... and then left.... but we stayed hoping they would come back....
And they did!!!!  The kids squealed again!!
Nina was such a trooper to let the baboons crawl all over her car!!!  When I had asked if we should leave she said, "no, stay"... it was so exciting!!
And Nina didn't mind when this baboon sat on her mirror and pooped!!!  It just added to the excitement of the whole thing!!!  We stayed for 10-15 minutes and then I looked behind us and saw there was  HUGE line waiting to have their turn so I knew we should move on.
Around the corner from the baboons are the ostriches and they were just as exciting this time around!!  As soon as they saw the van they came over to investigate!
Hmmmm.... how do I look today?
And the kids new the drill this time!!!
And it was just fun and exciting this time around!!!
Owen had gotten a snake slap bracelet with his birthday money... he's been looking for one since he saw it at Bass Pro Shop months ago and he saw them here at the gift shop... the ostrich really wanted to get that snake!!!  It was funny to watch!
This time the rhinos were close!!  See, it was a whole new experience!  And I love that African Lion Safari recommends you go back through!  You can drive through as many times as you want!!!  We spent an hour on safari this time around... that means we were there 6 hours and there was NO complaining!!!  As soon as we left the parking lot the kids crashed!  I don't blame them!  It was a jam packed morning!  I can't wait to go back with Brad!
To make this day even more perfect, especially for Owen, we went by Tete Bec's work and Owen got to play pool!!!!
We had fries and a drink while the kids told Tete and Opa all about our adventure and the kids showed off their bracelets!  I just sat back with a smile on my face, thankful for an awesome day with my mom and kids!!!!

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