Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sandy Snack

Ethan is a huge fan of crackers theses days so when we were all snacking at the beach I didn't think twice about giving him a cracker to snack on.
I figured the cracker would end up a tad sandy but a bit of sand never hurt anyone, right?!?!
It would have been fine if he just ate the cracker but instead he took a bite here or there in-between his playing.
So he got a bit more sand everywhere and I tried not to worry...I had to prep myself before we left for the cottage that the sand was going to be a never ending battle and unavoidable and here I was facing this sandy battle in full force!
Then he start to eat his shovel in-between bits of crackers... figures!
And playing!
Then, he was COMPLETELY covered!
And still eating!
What a mess!!!
But a cute mess!
Ok, I think we are all done with this sandy snack experience and I don't think I'll be giving him anymore snacks at the beach that he'll eat by himself!
Thankfully the water is just sets away!  Strip that baby down and take him to the water to clean him off!!!!!  He is covered from head to toe!
Awwww, that's much better!!!!  Doesn't even look like the same kid as above!! : )

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