Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday Morning

The Brewster family loves a good farmers market!!!  This morning we went to the Guelph market with Nina!!!  It was a morning of fun!!
Owen remembers this market from our visit 2 summers ago and her remembers the drill.... the old one!  Last time we came stopped at this meat counter to buy sausage!  My family is now vegans so Nina walked right past the meat counter but Owen refused to pass it by!  He kept telling me we needed to buy sausage for dinner... that's what we do every time we come he told me... and you know Owen.... once you do it once it becomes the "usual" and there is NO telling him otherwise.....So, I got some money out of my wallet and he picked out sausage for him and Addyson and paid for it!  He loves paying for things!  He also loves picking out things for himself AND others to enjoy!
There are a lot of good samples at the market and Addyson is a sucker for samples... especially good sausage ones!!!  At this point I don't think Addyson could ever be a vegetarian!  She is a HUGE meat eater!  Brad likes sausage too and this booth had goat sausage... once Owen heard that he wanted to buy some for his daddy!!!  I think it is SO sweet that they are thinking of their daddy even though he is not with us!
After making our rounds inside we headed outside!  The outside portion of the market has grown significantly since we were there last time!  Owen had his eyes on these blueberries!!!  He wanted the HUGE basket but I was afraid we wouldn't be able to eat them all before we left and we couldn't freeze them so I talked him into a smaller basket!
From there Addyson went to buy strawberries!  We had to find some that were organic since they say strawberries are one fruit you should make sure to buy organic because of the surface area due to the bumps!  We found some so everyone was happy they were able to pick something out and buy it!
With bags full of goodies and some snacks bought for breakfast, we were ready to leave!  It was getting hot and we needed to cool off!!!
Nina had the perfect spot in mind.... the Market Square!!!  I don't know how I've taken SO many trips to the market and never knew about this hidden gem!
Since I didn't know about it we weren't prepared.  I had no swimsuits, towels, or anything dry to get the kids home in.  Ethan was tired and Addyson was a bit reserved in the beginning... we just hung out in a shady spot trying to cool off.
Owen, however, had NO reservations!  We walked up and Owen saw some big kids laying down on the ground so the water would spray on their back when the sprayer turned on and he knew what he was going to do as soon as I gave him the "go ahead"!!!  He took his shirt off and "swam" in his shorts!  His first stop, laying on this belly under the sprayer!
Doesn't this look amazing?!?!  The fountains spray at different times or all together... you never know which one is going to turn on!  There there is a HUGE "pool" that takes up this area that is ankle deep!  Perfect for cooling off in this heat!
And Owen was taking full advantage of the fun running all around!!!
Then Ethan got in on the fun.... that woke him up from his sleepy mood!!!  I had a swim diaper in my bag and his hat so he was set to go!!!  He was so brave... going right to exploring and never looking back!
And of course he spent most of his time showing off his skills!!!!  He had lots of people looking and commenting on how he was ready to walk!!! Look at that tongue!  It is always out!!!
Yep, he has taken 2 steps!!  He is ready!!  He just needs to figure out how not to bounce off of his toes!
There was a family sitting beside us that was prepared for this pool... they look like they spend many Saturday mornings here!!  They pulled up with chairs, towels, a packed lunch, and these buckets to play with.  They saw that Addyson was playing with a cup from her juice so they offered her some buckets to play with!  She loves to pour water!
Ethan found the lid and straw from Addyson's juice cup and those were his water toys!
He is SO happy!
His kind of morning!!!  He is my water baby!!!
One of the funny things he does is put something in his mouth and he makes a funny noise and face and he 'll crawl around like that... or stand around like that for a long time!!!  He is a huge straw fan right now... he likes to blow bubbles and drink of out them!
Nina remembered she had a towel in her car.... she had just found it on sale at the store the other day!  Perfect!  Addyson is famous for going in and out and in and out of the pool or whatever we are doing and this morning was no different.  She was cold and needed out.  Hey Addyson, wanna smile?!?!
Ok, don't smile!!! : )
Owen couldn't get enough of the fun!!!  I don't think I was ever going to get him out of there!  He was loving every second of it... laughing, smiling, and running all around!  It was fun to watch!  A lot of times Owen will sit back and observe for a long time or he'll play for a quick bit and then sit back and watch... not today!!!  Nope, he played the whole time!
And Ethan wanted to be there with his big brother!!!  I know it won't be long before he is trailing 2 steps behind the big kids trying his best to keep up!
And then there is Addyson!! : )  She wanted to get her hair wet but she has a unique way to do it!!!  Stick her hiney in the air and put her head in the water.  She got a lot of looks and people smiling at her quirky ways!!!
She is such a silly girl!!  Finding her own way to do things and most times I can't help but laugh... even when I shouldn't!!!  : )
After all that playing Ethan was getting tired.  He kicked back in his stroller with this cup and straw and played quietly for a while!  While he did that Addyson and I rounded up some chairs to sit around the table so we could eat lunch.  She is SUCH a helper!!  Bringing over chairs as big as she is.  Some people were watching her busy at work and one guy said, "He looks like he is mommy's big helper!!"  I said, "She is a girl.  And Yes she is!!!"  I get comments that her hair cut is SO cute... those that know she is a girl... and I tell them, it isn't a hair cut really... it is just that her hair doesn't grow!  While her hair style suits her.. I hate that some people think she is a boy because of it.  Oh well... if that is my only worry about what some will think of her we are doing pretty good!!!
Nina and Owen walked to the Salsateria and got us lunch!  Let me tell you, they make some of the best salsa I've ever eaten!!!  I will be taking some home with us!!!  Don't these nachos look SO yummy?!?!
They also brought back a yummy burrito from there!  "Hey Nina, you gonna save me a bite???"
While we were finishing up lunch Ethan got a bit antsy.. fighting sleep, so I let him out to crawl around.  Before I knew it, he was back in the water!!!  He took off by himself without a worry in the world!!!  I'm gonna have to keep a close eye on him once he is walking!  Guess he wants to show just how independent he is!  Wow!!!  It was such a great Saturday morning!!!  We headed home and everyone went down for a nap!!  Perfect ending to a perfect morning!!!!  We are loving our time here in Guelph with our family!

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