Friday, July 13, 2012

Splash Pad Fun

Guelph has SO many splash pads around town and they are all free!!!  It amazes me that they are so nice, staffed, and open to the public!
The kids loved it!!!
We met Nicole, Greyson, and Rhys there for a morning of splashing fun!
And my little water baby got right into it!
He spent A LOT of time standing and practicing his 2 steps!
So proud of himself!
I got this!
Addyson swimming... she needs a bit more water!  She is always coming up with silly things to do!
Awwww..... it's cold!
Ethan was SO brave crawling all around... not looking back for me at all.... and getting soaked!
Even though the sprinkler was spraying down on him, he didn't mind one bit.  Nope, too busy practicing to care!
This is his "I'm about to fall down on my hiney" pose
No worries, I'll just stand back up!
He loves water!!!  Loved the sprinklers!
Look at him crawling right under a down pour.  The only thing that bother him was that his hat was getting a bit soaked and he wanted to take it off!  I would try to wring out some of the water and then he was back on his way!
This splash pad also had an awesome water table!!!  There were some older kids that were hogging it a bit this morning but once they left, our kids were all about it!  We were actually getting ready to go home but when this came open we let them stay and play a bit longer!  The big kids had so much fun together!
It was a great morning at the splash pad!!!  I think my little fish agrees!! : )

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