Thursday, July 19, 2012

St. Jacob's Market

Today we took our traditional trip to St. Jacob's Farmer's market!!!  It was a bit of a crazy morning trying to get ready to go.  We weren't ready when Ethan was ready for his nap so I ended up laying him down for a nap and then we couldn't leave until he was awake... which was after 11... and the drive to St. Jacob's is about 30 minutes and at this point the big kids are tried so everyone got a mini nap in before our morning/afternoon at the market.  Poor Owen... it is so hard to nap in the car now that he doesn't have his big car seat.... what do others do to help their big kids nap in the car?  Do those neck pillows for kids really work?

When we first got there the kids were a bit crabby as they tried to wake up from their short nap so they both wanted to ride in the stroller.  I was hoping that they would want to shop and therefore would be interested in walking.  Not at first, Owen was happy to shop from the comfort of the stroller.  He wanted to buy sausage links for his dad!!!!  He was SO excited about his purchase.
Today was actually a really cool and cloudy day... a lot of people were walking around in pants and/or jackets!  They probably looked at me like I was crazy for not having my kids bundled up!  For one, it felt really good... a break in the heat!!!  And two, how was I suppose to know to pack pants for a trip to Canada in July?!?!
Owen remembered that they have a mini petting farm at the end of the market and was asking to go see it!!!  He was excited.... Addyson not so much.  She looked but kept her distance!!!
This little sheep was very vocal!  Ethan was trying to figure out what to think about this noisy animal!
And from there the kids were awake and ready to run!!!  They just gave that young musician some money in her bucket!  They love to do that!!!  Look at those smiles!  I just love that going to the market is an adventure full morning of food, music, and fun!
After walking around the market we headed to the train stop... another tradition of the market... where the big kids rode it with Nina.  I would have gone but since we got such a late start it was getting late and I wasn't sure how Ethan would do on the train and to wait to ride it to downtown St. Jacob's and back to the market would have taken an hour.  Instead I took the van with Ethan to go pick them up in downtown St. Jacob's.
All Aboard!
See you guys in St. Jacob's!  Sounds like that had a great trip!  They ate some of the goodies we bought at the market for lunch and looked out the window!  They were excited to tell me all about it when I picked them up!
On the way home we stopped at a super cute Amish bakery.  Full of so many yummy treats!  They kids got busy looking for something to buy!!!
Owen and Addyson picked out a cookie while I got my favorite... a butter tart!!!!  They are a huge treat up in Canada!!!  My favorite!
To make his day perfect, Owen paid for his cookie and the lady gave him his change back!!!!  This NEVER happens and he was SO excited to get change!!!  That is all he talked about on the way home and what he told everyone about his day when they asked.  "I got change!"  I need to let him do that more often so he can learn about money.  I usually give him a dollar to pay regardless of how much his item costs and then I follow up and pay the rest or take the change if there is any.  Seeing how special he felt about getting change let me know he is ready to start learning about money!  What another fun filled morning/afternoon!!!

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