Thursday, July 12, 2012

Trip to the Library

Today was the first day we needed to get out of the house so Nina could sleep and I didn't have anything planned.  I forgot that even though she doesn't work tonight, she'll still have to sleep when she gets home!  No worries, Guelph has a library with a kid area I heard was a "hidden gem" so we headed that way!
They have daily kid activities at the library but today's activity was bingo for kids 5 and older so we just headed to the kid area of the library instead of the activity.  We were all impressed when we say the little play area for the kids with toys and surrounded by books!
And an activity table!!!  There were so many things to do to keep the kids occupied not to mention the endless books to read in-between the play time!
Ethan was right in the middle of ALL of it!!!  He was busy checking out the kids AND practicing his standing up on his own and taking steps!!!  He can now take TWO steps!!!  He also wanted to figure out how to get in the tunnel and follow Owen and Addyson!  He is eager to keep up with those two!
Mom, I'd like to read this one!
Owen and Addyson were SO eager to read books and check out some to take with us.  I love that they love books so much.  Owen is really wanting to read... I often overhear him reading to himself as he tries to remember word for word some of his favorite books or makes up stories to go along with pictures of newer books.  It is hard to believe he will be starting school soon and soon after he'll be reading to me our night time stories!
We had a great morning at the library!!  The kids played, checked out books and movies, and then I went to the adult area and checked out a book!!  This will be my second book to read in 2 weeks and I've loving it!  I haven't read a book for fun in over 5 years.... I get hooked on watching tv at night... here, at my parent's, there is no tv in my room and I don't miss it!  I hope I keep up all of this reading when we go back home!  While I've picked up reading, Addyson has picked up photography!!  She loves to take pictures and she does a pretty good job... what do you think of the one above?!?!
After the library the kids and I went to Harvey's for lunch.  It is a Canadian hamburger chain where you dress your burger or hot dog right there... kind of like a hamburger version of Flying Burrito... the kids loved it!  It was a bit hectic to get in the door and order with 3 hungry kids but once we were seated and eating it was SO nice to sit and talk about our morning!  Loving my time with these little monkeys!

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