Thursday, July 5, 2012

Water Work you think the water will be a good place to practice my standing???  It feels like I am 5 pounds in here... instead of the 22.5 I really am!  And it looks like it will provide a soft landing ground if I do fall!
I think I'll give it a try!!!
Hey, this is super fun!!!  I can stand up and fall over and over again and it doesn't hurt AND is super easy!!!
Not only that but, it is fun to splash in too!!!
Watch Mom!!!  I can do it!!
Look!!!  I'm standing ALL BY MYSELF!!!  AND I can take A STEP!!!!!  WOW, this is fun!!!
Oooops, all that excitement made me loose my balance!
That's okay, I'll just try again!  (see my tongue out, it helps me concentrate!!! ; )  )
Woah, look Mom, NO hands!!!  I'm up!!!
Who would have thought that water work would be SO much fun!!!  I'm getting lots of practice!!  Watch out because before you know it, I'll be taking this hard work to solid ground!  Then you'll really be in trouble!!
Look, with all that practice, I've mastered it!!!!  And I'm super proud of myself!!!!

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