Monday, July 2, 2012

We Made it!

We made it to the cottage with daylight hours to spare... and lots of them!!!  Yay!!!  Can you tell we are excited?!?!  (Btw, Ethan has a tongue thing right now and this is how he is seen most of the time!!)  We made it by 4pm with plenty of time for the kids to burn off all of their conserved energy!!!
First job, unpacking the RV and getting the water and sand stuff down to the beach!  Lucky for us there were plenty of helpers!!!
Next stop, beach-side cabana for a cold beer!  Thanks Dad!
Next stop, the water!!!  Kids went in clothes and all!!!  Actually, so did Brad and I!  No time to change clothes when the water is calling your name!
After putting on one of Opa's shirts to dry off, we headed back to the beach for a game of ball!  The night was just so perfect!  Look at the sun going down in the background!
The kids were so happy to be with their Tete, Uncle De, Opa, and Nina!
Daddy even had some energy to burn off after driving all 9 hours today!!! : )
One last swim before bed made our evening complete!!!  We missed coming up to Canada last summer because I was super pregnant with Ethan so this year is extra special and already off to a great start!  We will be at the cottage for 6 days and then we will head to Guelph to my parent's house to stay 2 more weeks and be able to visit with out family members and friends!  It is going to be a great visit!

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