Saturday, August 4, 2012

10 Months Old

This happy guy is now 10 months old!!!  I can't believe that in 2 months he'll be a whole year old!!!  I can close my eyes and still remember a |(not so tiny) baby being born. 
And while I like to think of him as my baby.... he likes to constantly show me and remind me that he is anything but a baby.... at least in his eyes!!! He is a big boy that is constantly on the go and constantly learning new things!  While I'd like to keep him a baby forever he has other things in mind... like keeping up with his siblings!
Which is one reason why this photo shoot didn't go so well!!!  He doesn't know the words "sit still" and if you use something for a distraction.... he just wants to go get it!!!
And he just loves things he isn't suppose to have... or things that are not meant to be toys!!!   On his list of favorite non-toys; the remote, cell phones, my laptop, the dishwasher, the utensils in the dishwasher, and the dog bowls!
And he doesn't let much stop him for getting what he wants!!!  He is VERY determined and voices his opinion if you try to stop him!!!  He throws a mini fit if I close the dishwasher or shut the door to the laundry room where the dog bowls are kept!  Yep, he is already strong willed!  And he has been a quealer/screamer since birth and that way he voices himself hasn't changed... it has just gotten louder!  He also screams out of delight!  Yep, he pretty much screams a lot! : )
The other thing he does is move a lot!!!  He is officially on the go!!!  He can take up to 8 steps at a time!!!  If he falls down, he gets right back up and keeps going!!! He is determined to be a full fledged walker before too long!  He also climbs!  He climbed the stairs at my parents house with ease!  He can climb into the dishwasher, climb up on Owen's bed, and pretty much anything else that isn't super tall.... he is trying to figure out how to get on the couch!
With all that movement going on..... he is too busy to sleep!  Yep, sleep is STILL an issue!!!  Man, it is really starting to get to me!  He is my hardest child when it comes to this aspect of life and the problem is, when I don't get sleep I get crazy!  So, trying to keep up with 3 kids, one of which is a very active baby, is very hard these days!  He fights nap like crazy even though he is super tired!  I spend up to an hour trying to get him to go to sleep/stay asleep!  He can be asleep and I go to leave and he is awake... for good!  Ugh!  See, if he sleeps 5-10 minutes that is his nap!  Thankfully, no matter how long he has slept, he wakes up pretty happy!  Bed time is also hard!  Again, getting him to go down takes up to an hour.... or more and sometimes I have to hand him off to Brad who is still the only one that can get Ethan to go do sleep "easily".  Then, he is nursing about every 45 minutes to an hour!  Yep, a nighttime nurse-aholic!  I'm not sure what we are going to do but we are constantly trying to come up with new parts of our routine to make sleep come a little easier!
He still has his 6 teeth he got a couple of months ago.... no new ones!  And he uses these teeth to do lots of eating!  He is now an eating champ!  He loves veggies, especially green one (those seem to be the most baby friendly... at least the convenient kind).  He also loves carrots, eggs, bread, and black beans.  He isn't a huge fan of fruit yet but he will eat apple sauce!  He also loves drinking water out of a straw!!!  With all of his eating and nursing he does.... he is a growing boy!
Ethan weighs 21 pounds 15 ounces (61st%) and is 30.25 inches tall (90th%).
His favorite pose!!!  He puts his hiney in the air and his head to the ground and stands in this upside down "V" shape... he is funny!  He is also good at "waving" bye although it is more of a "putting his hand up in the air" but he does this at the appropriate time.  And he has been pointing to things (he started this at the very end of last month but I forgot to mention it).  It amazes me how much he takes him!
He is funny!  He is always making me laugh!  And he likes to laugh... it is a funny inward laugh that can make him cough if he is super excited!  Funny guy!  He loves to babble and laugh!  If you babble he will copy you!  If you do his inward laugh, he'll do it back!  He will also scream if you scream!  As you can imagine, car rides can be kind of loud as all of the kids get each other going! : )
Here are some answers to so fun questions-
What is your favorite drink? Breast milk but, I am starting to like to drink water out of cups.  Not a sippy cup, that is just to play with, I like to try to drink out of a straw
What is your favorite toy? I love lids, water bottles, and my play table.  I like the bin of kitchen toys!  I'm also starting to like non-toy items like the remote and cell phone.
What is your favorite seat? I tolerate the exersaucer for about 20-30 minutes and then I want to be on the go.  I really don't like any seat for very long.
Who is your favorite person? Owen and Addyson, Addyson spends a lot of time trying to get me to laugh and she is very good at it.  I look up to Owen and likes when he talks to me.
What is your favorite show? Watching Owen and Addyson but, the tv is starting to catch my eye!  I have also noticed 2 furry objects running through our house and I have started to try to get them!
What is your favorite thing? I like to eat crackers!!  That is my new favorite snack and if I am fussy a cracker will make me happy!
What is your favorite thing to do? Put things in my mouth and practice walking.  I'm getting good at it and I want to try over and over again!  I like to be able to follow Owen and Addyson!
What is your favorite song? Baa Baa Black Sheep and now I like to bounce to all kinds of music! 
Ethan knows his name and nicknames and will look or respond most of them time when you try to talk to him.  He also seems to follow simple commands... at least the kids have figured out how to get him to follow them back to their rooms to play.  When I say, "Wave bye bye" he puts his arm in the air.  However, "No" and "that's not yours" mean nothing to him.... at least he is not letting on if it does!  A fake sneeze can get him to smile for the camera!  And Baa Baa Black Sheep can get him to stop crying!
This toothy boy is such a joy to have around!  He brightens up all of our days!  And as he is getting older I'm loving seeing how he fits right in with our family!  I was worried that older two had such a bond there would be no "room" for Ethan but I was SO wrong!  He fits in perfectly... he was meant to be a part of our family!  Happy 10 Months little Guy!!!! 

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