Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Addyson' 3rd Haircut

Today was haircut day for Addyson.  We sort of have to plan it, unlike Owen's haircuts, because she insists that Nammie has to go with her.  Nammie was telling her a couple of weeks ago that her hair was getting long and she needed it cut and of course, she agreed.  So, when I was taking Owen last week to get his cut I asked if she wanted hers cut.... Nope, Nammie isn't here.  SO, we planned today for haircut day and she threw a fit the whole way there.  She DID NOT want her hair cut.  I reminder her that her hair is getting long and she said, "I can just do this... or this" and showed me how she has been using her hand to brush her hair out of her eyes or flicking her head to get her hair out of her eyes.  Funny girl!
So we were in the parking lot and there was NO way she was getting out so Owen and Nammie decided to go get ice cream... that perked Addyson's interest and she said she wanted to get her hair cut first and then go eat ice cream... our normal hair cut routine... so that is what we did!
While Ethan has the most hair, at this age, than any of his siblings did, he still doesn't need a hair cut yet... but, there are a few strands that are long and going over his ears!!!  However, he did get a kick out of sitting in the police car!!!
After Addyson got a new "do" we headed to Cold Stone for a yummy treat!  My mom got sherbert and thought that would be okay for Ethan to try since it is mostly fruit.. we try to old off the treats AS LONG AS possible but that tends to be harder to do with grandparents around!  I love how E is opening his mouth the minute he sees the spoon full... and he doesn't even know what it is!
But, he knew we were all excited about something so it MUST be good!!!!  He was ready to try!
He gave a little shiver after he took this bite.... like it was sour but I think it was because it was cold and he wasn't expecting that!  He was a fan after the initial bite but I had to limit him.... or should I say, I had to limit Nammie on how much she gave him... he doesn't need a sugar high just yet!
Owen usually gets chocolate but he is starting to branch out.... he tried the blue cotton candy and loved it!  "I think I should get this more often."
And look at this sweet girl with a new do and her headband it!!!  I could just eat her and her cuteness up!!!!  With her new haircut she is all ready for school to start!!!  Her "kindergarten"!

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