Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Boingo Bounce (Round 2)

We drive by Boingo Bounce 4 times a day... Owen sees it twice a day and always asks if it is open.  This morning before school he told me he wanted to go to BB after school.  I had to say "yes".  Poor guy misses out on so much... which would be fine because he wouldn't know about it except that Addyson LOVES to tell him what we've done that day.  I need to work on keeping some secrets from brother! ; )
After school is open play for all ages so I put out a post to the MOM'S Club and on facebook to see if anyone wanted to join us.  We had a couple of families show up!  And the best part was... the place was empty except for us!!!!  I was worried that Ethan might get trampled by big kids but that wasn't the case!!!  Since it was just us I put Ethan in the smallest bouncy house and he LOVED it!!!!  At first he was a bit wobbly but he was having so much fun.  After lots of practice he got pretty good at walking around in there!!!
Cousins Troy and Giuliana joined us as well as our friends Alia and baby Lily!!!  It was so much fun!!!  Since it was so empty we didn't worry about the kids much and us moms got to catch up!
The down side to it being so empty is that the 4 workers kept their eye on us and got on to us for having water and crackers in there.... the sign says no food or drink.... but, water... seriously?!?! All that bouncing makes the kids hot, thirsty, and hungry!!!
 I was worried about Owen being too tired but all of the excitement kept him going!!!!  He had a blast!  And it was cute to see the brothers interacting!!!  Look at Ethan.....
 He climbed up in the log all by himself!!!  The tricky part... getting down.... its a good thing he has a squishy place to fall as he learns to go feet first!!!
Whew!!!!  What an afternoon of bouncing fun!!!

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