Monday, August 27, 2012

Boingo Bounce

We met up at Boingo Bounce today with 2 of Addyson's good friends from school.  First, let me say how weird it is to be in public with just 2 kids.  I constantly found myself looking around for Owen!  Weird!
And when I wasn't looking for Owen, I was watching Ethan.  Man, he is quit the explorer and wants to be in on the action!!!  He toddled around that place without any fear in the world so I had to keep a close eye on him that some big kid didn't knock him over.  He talked, squealed, and enjoyed every minute of being there!
I was also watching some of the other moms watch him... he, much like Addyson, draws people in.  One mom said, "I'm sorry I'm staring at your son.  I hope you don't mind.  He is just so cute and fun to watch."  He IS fun to watch!
I'm always amazed at what he gets into or tries.  He climbed up on the horse all smiles and was ready to ride!
And he didn't want to sit... he insisted on squatting on top of the horse.... made mom nervous!
Don't worry now mom, wait to until I go up there to start worrying!!!!  I know it won't be long before he is climbing up into the bouncies.... if he could reach it now he'd be in there!!!
But for now, I'll hang out down here with the horsey!!!
Addyson LOVES to hold Ethan.  She does anything possible to wiggle herself right next to him and somehow get him on her lap or in her arms in some way.  It's frustrating for me because I worry that Ethan will get dropped or hurt (arm pulled out of socket or leg dislocated).  I feel like I tell her at least once a day to make good choices about picking Ethan up.  Today, I looked over and saw this tender moment.... not sure how she got him on her lap.... it is probably better I don't know! ; )
I didn't think about that.  I just savored the tender moment and how she tried to make sure he had his drink and a snack.  She is very loving!
Then it was time to go.... we were all hot, tired, and hungry.  The girls didn't want to go.  They've missed each other all summer.  These girls have been together at school since they were 1.5 years old!  Not wanting it to end, I heard them coming up with more plans..... lunch plans!
Then, one by one they came up to their mom and asked about going to lunch together..... at Chick Fil A.... how could I say "No"????  Not to these sweet faces!!!
Addyson, Amelia, Ella
I've always enjoyed hearing stories from their teachers about these 3... they sort of traveled in a pack.  They all have older siblings and I think their personalities are all a bit "spicy" so they really "get" each other!  I'm so glad Addyson had friends like these throughout her early school years!  We are going to miss Amelia this year but I'm thankful that Ella and her will be in class together!
Last stop of the morning, Chick Fil A!  The girls sat at one table and the moms sat at another.   Super cute to eavesdrop on them!  What a fun morning.  I know Addyson is going to be asking to see these girls again!  Maybe we need to make a monthly playdate with Amelia so all the girls can get their fill of cuteness and fun!

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