Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Breakfast with Nammie

What do you do when your heart feels empty, your husband has gone back to work, your son started school, and you feel lost????  You go eat!!!  Really, you ask your mom what she is doing and hope that she can help be a distraction to you and your kids!!!
It is not only me that is going to be lost as I go through my day with 2 kids instead of 3.  Addyson is going to be lost too!  Owen is her sidekick!  These two spend hours upon hours playing together!  They get each other!  They are two peas in a pod!  She is going to be just as lost as I am!
And I'm wondering if she is going to cling to me more with Owen gone.  Is she going to cling to Ethan more?  What will our days look like?  I think the time when Ethan is sleeping and it is just her and I will be good bonding time.
At least she ate up her alone with mommy time this morning!!!!  She hammed it up with me and really didn't want much to do with Nammie..... which is NOT normal!!!  Usually if Nammie is around, I'm chopped liver.  Not today.... she was a Mommy's girl!
Thankfully Ethan was open to being with Nammie and sitting in the highchair... thankfully, he too, can be distracted with food! ; )  It was weird to order for just us 3.... just like it was weird to walk in with just 2 kids.  Addyson got out of the car and walked up to the door while I unloaded Ethan.  Usually she would stand by the car with Owen who would hold her hand and keep her close.  Now I have to retrain her to stay by the car without Owen.  Oh, the changes!
While there are things I think will be hard for Addyson as she adjusts to Owen being gone, there are things she is going to enjoy!!!  Like always getting to pick the color of plate she uses at lunch, getting in first to the car, and getting to fix mommy's coffee.  She better enjoy it now because it won't be long until Ethan will want to start having a say in things and getting his turn at the fun!
For now, Addyson can soak up being the oldest at home while Owen is at school!!!  And she WILL soak it up!!!  : )
Nammie was a good distraction to our first morning without Owen.  I was anxious to get Ethan home to nap so we could pick up Owen early from school.  I'm glad this is a short week...starting on Wednesday and I'm glad every day this week is an early dismissal day and I can pick up O at 1:15!  Here's hoping we all have a great week!

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