Sunday, August 26, 2012

Church Family Day

Tonight was Family Fun Day at church.  This time last year I took the two big kids by myself to Family Day.  Brad was out of town and I was 9 months pregnant.  Wow!  How different things are this year!!!
Brad is home... and has been for 3 months!!! Addyson has hair!!! Ethan is here!!!!  And, we have an ownership at the Fun Day this year!!!  We are members of the school community now... and with that comes responsibilities!!!  We have to volunteer 20 hours per year... and Brad got us off to a great start by doing trash duty for one hour today!!! : )
It was actually raining all morning so we weren't sure if we were going to get to go but, the clouds cleared, the sun came out.... and the humidity set it BUT, that didn't stop us from having hot (sweaty) fun!
Owen eyes this javelin game every year but never stands in line to give it a try.... to intimidating but he stands and watches for ever!  This year... after looking on for about 10 minutes he decided to get in line with Addyson and give it a go!
I think he is glad he finally did it!!!!  They had so much fun!
Ethan was hot and wanted out... he wants to know when he is going to get his chance to get in that ring!
After the first round, the Dixons showed up so the kids got back in line to go head to head against their best friends!
The girls were so cute!!!  Those poles much weigh as much as they do and must be 5xs as long as they are but.....
That didn't stop these two from getting after it and having fun!!!  Can you tell they both have older brothers? : )
"That was fun!!  Let's do it again!"
Then it was the boys' turn!
Determined!  Here is a shot of the Razorback he got painted on earlier.
Looking at all of the fun they are having makes me think that Veronica and I should have gotten in their and gotten after it!!! : )
Isaac is a bit bigger and had a bit of an edge on Owen but Owen was SO determined to try to know Isaac down!!!
They were so hot and sweaty but that didn't stop them from getting in line for another round!!!  I think Owen wanted his chance to get one up on Isaac!
Don't they look so sweet and innocent?!?! If you only knew!! ; )
Round 2
Finally, we let Ethan down!!!  I thought he would hang out by me but nope... he wanted in on the action!!  Not intimidated at all!!!
So Brad had to pick him up and Ethan was NOT happy about that!!!  He wanted down!!!!
Couldn't let him down with the big guys in there......
They were determined to knock each other down!!!!
And they were successful!!! : )
Then it was time to cool off.  Just like last year, I forgot to bring swimsuits!!!  They talk about it in the church bulletin but some how I never remember... wonder if I will next year....
I knew they were hot and well.... clothes are just clothes and they will dry.... so I let Owen go down the water slide in his shorts!!!
I even told Addyson that she could go down in her dress..... her and Isabella (also in clothes) climbed to the very top and then I never saw them come down the slide.  I went over and called for them and I heard a tiny Addyson voice yell from the top "We are not coming down!"  And they didn't.
At least not down the slide.  I was about to send Brad up when we saw the girls climbing down the ladder to come out dry!  I guess it was a little too much for both of them... next year they'll be bigger and I'll be more prepared..... at least that's my plan! : )
Ethan hung out with Nammie and met all of her friends while I took pictures of the whole night.  About an hour after being there things cooled off... the humidity lifted, the sun started to go down, and it was picture perfect.  So much so that we stayed longer than expected and before we knew it... thanks to Ethan reminding us... it was bedtime!!!  Yep, its a school night... not something we are use to yet!
So the boys went down the slide one last time and we had to rush home to bathe and get in bed before it was too and we all woke up too crabby!!!!  This routine thing is going to take some getting use    to! : )

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