Thursday, August 23, 2012

Drinking from a Cup

Ethan has yet to drink out of a bottle or sippy cup.  He went straight from the boob to a straw!  He loves to drink out of a straw.  When he is thirsty, sees me getting water from the fridge, or sees a straw he starts making a really cute slurping sound.  He not only drinks from a straw but, he also likes to drink straight from my cup.  At dinner I usually get him a small kids cup that I either put a straw in or help him drink from.
Tonight, he took his cup... by himself.... and took a drink!!!  Yep, one drink.  Not too much.  Not spilling over.  No chocking or gagging.  Nope, just a perfect drink.
Then, he put the cup down, like we do, got his breath, finished his drink, and....
went back for another drink!!!!  Our little guy can drink from a cup ALL BY HIMSELF!!!  I'm totally impressed!!!!

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