Saturday, August 18, 2012

Eating Yogurt

 I am one of those moms that doesn't mind a mess.... well a "proper" mess... if there is such a thing.  I don't mind kids playing in the rain, playing in the mud, pouring their own milk (on the door of the dishwasher for easy clean-up), or feeding themselves yogurt at an early age.
 I figure, "Hey, it is just a mess... that's easy to clean up!"  Yogurt... just like dirt... can be washed off!
 So why not let them "get after it" and have fun!!  Learn!!  Explore!!!  Grow!!!!
And that is exactly what Ethan did this morning for the firs time....
 he fed himself yogurt... from a bowl and with a spoon!!!!
 sometimes using his hand... but mostly trying to figure out how to get that spoon to work.. to scoop up food and get it to his mouth... and he did a pretty good job!!!
 And you know what?!?!  He LOVED it!!!  He felt big... I could tell!!!  He was SO fussy before I put him in the chair with his bowl and spoon and then..... he was content... with a cheering club!  Both of the big kids are right there, in on the action, every time Ethan does or tries something new!!!  And then they go out and tell our family, friends, and even strangers what Ethan is up to these days!!!
 "Hey, my brother can eat yogurt by himself!!!!  Sometimes he uses a spoon... and sometimes he uses his hands!!!"
 "What, is your mom crazy?!?!"
 "No, our mom is not crazy!  She just lets us be kids!  Messy kids!!"
 Because messes are easy to clean up and the fun (and learning) that comes along with that mess is just too priceless to pass up!!!!
 Where else could Ethan learn to lick the bowl at 10 months old if he didn't get the chance?!?!  And you know why I'm proud of that?!?!  Because... when no one else is looking... I lick the bowl too!!!!  Ice cream, cake frosting, and caramel sauce... much like yogurt... is too tasty to leave too much behind!
And that my friends, was Ethan's first time to feed himself with a spoon!!!!  Not too bad, if you ask me! : )

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