Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Farmer's Market Kid's'Day

It's official.... today is Owen's last day of summer!!! : (  Where did the summer go????  And who dressed this boy?!?!  2 months ago I felt like I had a FULL summer ahead of us... and I was picking out Owen's clothes every day.  Now, 2 months later... he picks out his own clothes... close to matching but not close enough to where they are not clashing... and I can't talk him out of either his shirt or shorts to get him to match... and today is my last full week day with my "baby boy".
I had big plans for our last couple of days together but it turned out that a friend needed me more than what my "plans" stood for so we enjoyed our last 2 week days with what I consider to be the kids' best friends!  And you know what, it was perfect!  Owen didn't know what I had planned so he didn't know any different... all he knew was....
he was having fun!  See, this is why I try not to fill the kids in on our plans too much in advance... things can change on a dime and Owen is not so flexible.  So, it is better to surprise him and change things as needed where he doesn't even know the difference!
Look at Addyson climbing those TALL steps into the firetruck ALL BY HERSELF!  She wouldn't let the fireman help her... she's got it!  And you know what... I took 5 kids to the Farmer's Market for Kids' ALL BY MYSELF!!!!  Yep!  Sure did!!  And I forgot the stroller at home... thankfully I keep my pocket sling in the van.. most of the time....so I had a bit of help with Ethan and the boys did pretty good holding their sister's hand when I needed them to!
So really, we were all smiles enjoying a beautiful morning at the Farmer's Market and enjoying our time together!  It really was pretty perfect!  I couldn't have planned it much better myself!
Look at this super cute crew minus Ethan... I just couldn't let Ethan down.... he would get into everything and I was so afraid he'd want to climb the rocks and he'd get hurt!!!  He is a super walker these days and doesn't take help from anyone!  Kind of how I didn't have help from anyone with my crew.... until a guy stopped me... he was in his car and I was trying to take this clan across the crosswalk with 2 that are mindful of what they are doing and 2 that look everywhere but in front of them while they walk.
The guy sticks his head out the window with wide eyes he says, "Ma'am, are they all yours???
I said, "No, I've got three and that's bad enough."  He said, "Oh good, I was about to say..."  And then he tries to chat me up and at the moment.... my very cautious Owen started to head back towards the street but he wasn't going to cross... he would NEVER dare... he was going to get a flower... and the guy YELLS out his window to Owen "HEY.... DON'T YOU GO CROSS THAT STREET!!!!"  Owen turned and looked SO confused!  Really sir... what were you saying... Oh, yeah, I have TOO many kids!
So what if they were all mine.... they are cute, well dressed, well behaved, sweet, loving, and I was doing a great job taking care of and providing for ALL of them.... so really... so what if they were ALL mine!   What's he's beef with that?!?!  I think we had a great day at the Farmer's Market for Kid Day... even if I was outnumbered 5 to 1!!!!! : )

PS- I also took them ALL to lunch.. at least Brad joined me... we went to Golden Corral because we had a meeting there with a caterer... now THAT was a bit crazy!!!!  But that's a different story!! : )

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