Saturday, August 11, 2012

Getting Ready

Tonight Brad and I had date night! I look forward to a quiet dinner and drinks with my husband!!!  Seems like not much "chit chat" goes on at home... too many other "Mom, watch me." "Dad, guess what"  "Did you know...?" "What are we going to do tomorrow?"... the list goes on.  All of that chatter doesn't leave much room in my brain for chit chat with Brad!
So date night if fun for that!  We check in! We plan!  We dream!  We relax!!!!  And right now, we have lots to plan and dream about so I am going with pen and paper ready to get some things checked off our list!!!  I swear I can email him a time or two with specific questions and never get a response until I sit him down and ask!  He probably says the same thing about me! : )
You know what else if fun about date night?!?!  Getting "dressed up"!!!  I fix my hair, put on make-up, and put on non-mommy clothes!!!  It feels SO good!  I feel so good!!!  Amazing what a little bit of make-up can do for the self-esteem!!!  Maybe I should try it more often that just the random Friday or Saturday night!! : )
As I was getting ready Addyson came in to watch.  Then she wanted to do more than watch, she wanted to put some on.  She has a pretend make-up kit I tried to get her to go get but that wasn't good enough!  She is old enough to know the real deal!!!  I then tried to give her an old make-up container that was empty and she knew what I was doing.... that trick no longer works either.  So I broke down and gave her the real deal!!!  PS- I love how you can see Owen in the mirror and how he is looking at up her with a smile.  So cute!  He is quick to compliment her and I and I love that side of him!
She wanted to sit up on the counter (a favorite thing of hers be it in the bathroom or in the kitchen, she wants on the counter!) and put her make-up on.  I had so much fun watching her get it "just right"!  And then she showed it off!!!  Look at those beautiful brown eyes!!: )
Addyson, was this fun?!?!  I'd say so!!!  She didn't mind "cheesing" for the camera today!!!!
Addyson, what do you think Nammie is going to say when she picks you up to take you to dinner?
Yep, I think that sums it up!!!! : )
Getting ready with my girly girl was SO much fun!!!  It probably won't be long before she is teaching me a thing or two about make-up!!!

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