Friday, August 3, 2012

iPhone Pics of the Week

Self portrait
Shilo's new haircut... he looks SO much like Sam that it is really freaking me out!
My brother and I
Sister-in-law and brother and I.... a part of the group that went out for a comedy night
Hanging with Grandpa Ken
Nail painting by Grandma Robin
Front seat at the Olympics
Inspired by the gymnasts, we made homemade grips!!!  We are #1!!!!
"He wants me"... she says as she picks him up without him having any say in the matter!
Ethan went and sat next to Owen.... sweet brothers!
Love these boys.... for E... this relationship is more comfortable since Owen never tries to pick E up!
PS- our living room is a wreck because we are having work done in the tv and toy rooms so EVERYTHING is in our living room!
Getting Ready- Putting on deodorant like mom (she uses Ethan's moisturizer stick)

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