Friday, August 31, 2012

iPhone Pics of the Week

 "These are my morning glasses"
 I'll take a whole rice cake please!!!
Brad broke E off a piece and handed it to him.... Ethan put the piece back in the back and waited until he got a whole one!!!  Funny guy!
 Face paintings at Family Fun Day.... a Razorback and a butterfly
 Snack time occurs on the drive to pick up Owen
 Playing with the dolls... in the firetruck
 A Razorback American Girl.... she was dressed while a little someone was suppose to be napping!
 A young Philipp Lahm
 Checking for loose teeth
How I spend my morning coffee time..... before rushing around like a crazy lady to get the kids out the door.
 Lunch Date with Daddy at his work.... Razorback Tailgate party.
I had asked her to bring me a cookie if they had any and she DID!!!  She was So proud to give it to me!!!!
 Finishing up her nap while going to pick up Owen..... it isn't easy to be woken up!
 Note to self: don't take kids to self check-out at 5pm with 50 items in your cart... frustrating!!!!
 Are we there yet?
 Not even 5 minutes down the road and he is passed's been a long day/week of school!
 He wrote "Opa" by himself!
Perfect seat for Elmo watching in the RV
Camping "date night" in the rain.... 
kids are cozy in the camper and we are enjoying time together outside!

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