Friday, August 10, 2012

iPhone Pics of the Week

Ok, I'm doing two Pics of the Week this week... somehow my days are mixed up... the problem with trying to blog weeks behind... I probably should have combined the two posts but I'm not sure where one week ends and the other starts so this just makes things easier.
Getting to stay up late to watch his "girl", Mckayla Maroney vault in the Olympic finals.
Such a big guy!!!  This summer he started taking showers by himself!!!  Where is my baby in the baby bath tub!?!?
Happy Hour playdate and dinner
Ethan plays with the big boys now!
Best friends
I love how Owen includes Ethan... and note that Ethan climbed up on Owen's bed!
Swimming fun
Two princesses in a pod!
Pole Dancing
Sweet brothers
Newest cousin photo
Helping fold diapers
Playing pool
Great form!
Even though she's never played before, she is explaining the rules! : )  She knows "everything"!!
Playing Yahtzee
Camping out... well camping in the toy room
Working on the Bucket List

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