Wednesday, August 22, 2012


So Ethan doesn't take a paci.... he did for like 3 days when he was a baby and that was that.  Really, none of my kids took a paci past day 3.... I often wonder how moms get their kids to keep a paci in... do you just have to work at it and keep offering?  While there are times I REALLY wish he would self soothe with a paci, I'm glad that I never had to wean any of my kids from a paci... I heard that can be a nightmare!
Today I watched a friend's little boy, Nate, while she went to music class with her older boy.  Nate and Ethan are about 4 months apart.  When Ethan woke up from his nap and saw Nate at our house he was SO excited he had a playmate his size to hand out with!
Then, he saw Nate's paci and that was that... he wanted his paci.... so the fun began!!!
I went and got Ethan one of the pacis we have at the house so he could have his own and not take Nate's.  That sort of worked....
but, he still REALLY wanted to see Nate's paci!!!  Maybe he wanted to try it out to see if his was better.
He even offered Nate a trade.  Here, you try my paci and I'll try yours!!!
"NO thanks!", said Nate and he turned his head to keep Ethan from grabbing it!
"Hmmmm..... maybe we can swap.... let me see that thing."
"Why is it pink?  I don't think I want to try that."
So Nate leaves but Ethan is persistent!!!  Maybe if I tower over him he'll change his mind!!!
And if not, I'll just try to take it again!
No way, says Nate!  I'm outta here!!!
Guess I'll just stick with my own paci!!!  Is this the right way?!?! : )

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