Sunday, August 5, 2012

Photo Editing

Chasing around this busy bee... apparently he likes to do "honey do" projects around the house.... at least someone is finding the time to tackle that every growing list! : )...... doesn't leave me much time to be able to catch up with the blog much less find time to edit photos.  I'm always impressed when I read blogs, usually from moms with multiple children, and they post their perfectly edited photos.  Where do they find the time???  I barely find the time to upload an unedited photo!  I just hope one day my kids are just thankful I took pictures and will enjoy them in their natural form and not wonder why I didn't smooth their hair down, make their eyes pop, or crop out the mess in the background!
So I basically gave up on wanting to edit photos and then I kept seeing edited pictures on Facebook that had a cool look to them!  Turns out there is a phone app that edits pictures from you phone and you can post them directly to your Facebook feed so I looked into it!
I download Instagram when Ethan was born and used it to edit a few of my favorite photos and then I forgot about it... again, life was a bit busy!
Fast forward 10 month and 3 hours a day spent trying to get a little someone to go to sleep.  I had a bit of extra time on my hands so I started to play around with Istagram a bit more!
And now I'm hooked!  I love that there are several settings you can choose from to give your photo the "look" you are going for!  And it is SUPER easy and SUPER quick!
So I can take some of my favorite iPhone pics and in seconds....
have a cute picture with a cool look!
And finally.... when the baby falls asleep.....
I can post an edited picture of perfection and no longer be that uncool mom that doesn't edit pictures! : )
So watch out world.....I'm on an editing kick!!!  This app is too fun!!!!
And I take SO many cute pictures of my adorable kids that I just HAVE to edit and share!! : )
I mean, Instagram makes it TOO easy NOT to!

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