Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Soccer Practice

Today was Owen's first Tuesday night soccer practice.  It is our first night to learn how to juggle family, school, and extracurricular activities!  While Owen was at school, the kids and I had a busy morning with our Catholic Playgroup.  Then I had to make sure to get the kids home in time to nap long enough before I had to wake them to run to get Owen from school.  Then, I had to do snack, make sure all school papers were signed and taken care of, feed dinner, and run out the door.... whew!
We made it JUST IN TIME for soccer.... we are that family that shows up 30 seconds late... I've got to work on that!  Actually, Owen and I ran out the door the minute Brad walked in the door and I left Brad to follow up with the two little kids after they finished dinner.  Soccer is hard because it is right at dinner time so I wonder; do I feed dinner before Or after soccer?
I'm hoping I find our groove soon.  Again, all Owen has to say is the word and I'd gladly keep him home from school this year!!!  How do other families do it?  How do you juggle 3 different schedules, find time for yourself, keep up the house, and make it on time to everything?!?!  I'll take any pointers you want to give.
I took my few moments without the little kids to catch my breath, take some pictures, and enjoy being a soccer mom!  I also couldn't take my eyes off Owen.... doesn't he look like a mini German soccer player?!?!  The blonde hair and German soccer uniform.... SO cute!!!!
The rest of his teams wears their team jersey to practice but we were told that since this wasn't a ame the kids could wear what they want so Owen has been wearing some of his different jerseys he has gotten over the years (Brad picked him up several during his years of travel).  I think it is cute that Owen wants to wear all of his jerseys but I wonder if he feels "left out" since he is the only one not in green.  If it did, he didn't show it.... he was right in there with the rest of them scoring goals!
Isaac also plays in this league but not on Owen's team.... not sure why we didn't think to request that... so the girls took turns watching the other one's brother practice.  How cute are they?!?!
Ethan wanted in on the cuteness too!!
"Hey, this straw doesn't work very good!"
Brad brought the kids after dinner and apparently Addyson didn't have enough... she wanted to bring a bowl of pasta salad with to eat at the game.  She was so funny standing there eating spoonfuls of noodles.  I guess that is better than chowing down a bag of fruit snacks!!! : )
After watching Owen for 10 minutes the girls headed over to watch Isaac!!!  These two just crack me up.  They are the best of friends and then they can fight like sisters!  I love watching these two!!!
Another great practice on a beautiful night!!!  I think Owen will pass out as soon as we get home...I know I will..... it has been a LONG day!!!!  Go Sounders!

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