Saturday, August 25, 2012


Today was Owen's first soccer practice and there was LOTS of excitement in the air!!!!  He plays for the sounders and is #3!!!!  He got to meet his coach (Coach Greg) and teammates last night at the soccer meet and greet and he got his uniform.  Brad and I had a meeting at Owen's school so Uncle Kellen and Nammie took him to kick-off the year so this morning was our first chance to check out our #3 all ready to play ball!!!
Can you tell he is excited?!?!  He has been counting down the days waiting with excitement for it to FINALLY be Saturday morning and the day of his first practice!  I had a baby shower to go to so I had to miss out but, Brad did a great job taking pictures for me.... while juggling 3 kids and trying to get them all out the door on time with everything that they needed.
He did great except... Owen didn't have his soccer ball.  Guess I forgot to mention that... funny thing about guys.... you have to break it all down for them.  I thought that taking a soccer ball to soccer practice was a given. : )
No worries, coach had an extra ball for Owen to use to show off his mad dribbling skills!!!  This season we signed him up with the Fayetteville Parks and Rec verses the Happy Feet program we used last season.  We loved Happy Feet but they don't have their older league well established in Fayetteville yet and the Fayetteville teams play twice a week so that gives Owen a bit more of an outlet to get his sports fill in!
I'm looking forward to a great season (if we can manage juggling school and sports)!!!! ; )

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