Thursday, August 30, 2012


Ethan has been a nursing champ at nights... I'm talking every 45 minutes to an hour..... every hour!!!  No exaggerating!  I'm exhausted!  I'm trying to figure out what is going on.  I'm a walking zombie!  I told Brad the other day that he was going to have to help.  I was only going to nurse E every 2 hours, I had to break him of this horrible cycle!  So, with Brad's help, I have E nursing every 2 hours... still a lot... I KNOW but, we are taking baby steps.... Brad has to work so I'm trying to be mindful of that.... and now E is pretty good about going 2 hours without waking up.  After our upcoming camping trip I'm going to try to get him to sleep longer than 2 hours.... I'm mean, he is almost 1, not starving, and eats great before bed so he WILL be fine!!!!
 After I set the hard rule I noticed something..... a tooth!!!  Yep, probably the ugly culprit that has little man up every hour!  This tooth, his left lateral incisor, came in all alone.... this other teeth have come in two at a time.... weird.... well at least this one is up.. hopefully there is sleep in our near future.... until the right one decides to pop up!!!

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