Saturday, September 8, 2012

1st Soccer Game

The day is finally here.... Owen's first game of the season!!!  He was SO excited this morning and asked about every 5 minutes, "How much longer until my soccer game?"  Huge downside to having a 10:30 game and a little guy that wakes up at 6..... 4.5 hours to wait is a LONG time for an excited little guy!
Not only was it the first game of the season, it was also picture day!  Here is Owen's team.  Coach Greg, Rylan, Kolson, Eliot, Andrew, Owen, Harrison, Brayden.  We are ready for a great season!
Remember I mentioned I'm having a hard issue with timing these days?  I can't seem to keep my times straight on certain activities.... I am even using the Cozi Calendar app on my phone but it turns out I put the info in there wrong so it isn't very helpful.  Well we made it on time to our game today but that was completely by accident.... and Brad and the little kids were late.  Ugh!  I thought the game started at 10:45 but because of pictures we were there.... it was a good thing I didn't run home like I had planned to help get the other kids out the door.... then we would have missed it!
All of a sudden.... they were playing a game... I thought it was the warm-up.... I looked at my watch and it was 10:30....Oops!  I texted Brad to hurry and come before he missed it all..... Needless to say, he wasn't a happy camper!  I promise I will get it right from now on!!!
I had been worried in our previous practices that Owen would have a harder time in this league than he did the other one.  These kids are his size or bigger (the last league he was one of the biggest) and some of them are much more aggressive.  While Owen isn't aggressive, he doesn't get in there to take the ball away, he is however, great at handling the ball!!!  He can turn the ball, head for the goal, dribble around others, and ..... SCORE!!!!!!
My little guy is a natural... and I worried.... silly me!  This league plays 3-on-3 and the kids start off on dots to learn a little about the positions.  Here is Owen getting ready to kick off after one of his goals!
Here is goes.... headed for another goal!!!!  I love how they kind of follow the ball around!  While I was worried that Owen wasn't "getting in there" he does play kind of smart.... he hangs back and waits for someone to kick the ball out of the mob and then he takes it down field!
His coach is really good about rotating out the kids every 2.5 minutes so everyone gets equal playing time!  When Owen comes over for a drink we congratulate him on his efforts, talk about the high points, and then talk about getting aggressive..... by the end of the season we'll have him taking the ball from the other team! 
Ethan wants to know when it is his turn to get out there!
Having 2 games a week has been a nice way to get us all outside enjoying this great end of summer weather!  It is a great start to our Saturday.... and a great end to our Tuesdays!
One of the challenges is keeping the other two busy and off of the field!  One thing that keeps Addyson busy is picture taking!  Not bad!! : )  Ethan is a bit harder... he just wants to wander.  Either on the field or up and down visiting other teams.  Makes it a bit hard to watch Owen at times but Brad and I are taking turns chasing.  Maybe I just need to bring his stroller and strap him in!!! : )
Self- portrait!
Addyson also got this great action shot of Owen!!!  He was one happy guy after this great game where he scored 2 goals!  It is going to be a great season......
with a great team, a great coach, and supportive parents!!!  One thing our coach has our team do is run through a tunnel of parents at the end of the game!!!!  The kids LOVE it!!!  We try to get the other team and their parents involved but that doesn't always work!  I love how or coach is trying to keep it fun and we all support the whole team!!!  Go Sounders!

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