Thursday, September 13, 2012

Addyson's Sunglasses

This little stinker can get the best of me sometimes.... in good ways and bad!!!  At times I'm frustrated with her independence and sassiness and at other times I'm overwhelmed with her cuteness!!
Sometimes she does the silliest things to make herself laugh or to make others laugh!  Probably at least 50 times a day I'll hear, "Mom, watch this!" and then she does something.... sometime cute, sometimes strange, other times questionable.  She is our little "mess"!!!  And I say that with much endearment!
Sometimes she wants her picture taken doing her "stunt" and other times she doesn't cooperate!  Please Addyson can I take a picture with your glasses on?!?!  You are SO cute!  And I get this... NO glasses but at least I got a cute smile!
So I try again, "Hey Addyson, don't put your sunglasses on because I don't want a picture of them and how cute you are....."  Oh hey, that's better!  Thanks..... for wanting to do the opposite of what you think I want!!!  That's my girl!  And to note- this was all done after we dropped Owen off at school.  I realized my camera was in his backpack so I was carrying it to the car when I noticed her put her glasses on and I started taking pictures.  Not only am I know at Sonshine school as THAT crazy mom that always takes pictures but I'm probably going to be known at St. Joe's for the same thing!!!  That's okay!  I'll take it!  I'm trying to remember all of these moments.... good and bad....silly and emotional.... cooperative and uncooperative..... much like these moments with Addyson and her sunglasses!

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