Sunday, September 2, 2012

Another Night

The campground festivities continued after nap! The kids went swimming.... easiest way to get the funny face paint washed off..... while the rest of us hung out and then we had another great meal of bbq chicken, ribs, and sides!  We knew there was a hay ride going on so we were trying to rush through dinner to make it before the 6pm last ride.  As we watched the tractor drive by... headed back to drop off the current load.... we shoveled in one last bite and Brad and I rushed... ran up hill... with Owen and Addyson to catch a ride while we left E behind with Aric and Emily......
True to sticking with our theme for the day.... we got the time wrong.  The last ride wasn't at 6... the rides ended at 6..... how have we missed the boat ALL day?!?!  The manager was so nice (he was also the guy that had to come back and pick us up yesterday at SDC because we missed the shuttle.... I think we might be getting a reputation at this campground!!!) and said he'd take us on a short ride!  That was fine with us... the kids didn't know any difference!!!
Thankfully there was another family coming behind us with their little one that thought the same thing we did so I felt better about that!  The kids had a blast driving through the park and waving at the campers!  When we got off the ride I assured the manager that when we come back for the Halloween activities we'll be better at reading the schedule!!! : )
The final activity for the night was a dance at the palliation!!!!  They had a dj come with his lights and we danced the night away!!!!!
Literally.... I think the kids danced non-stop from the minute we got there until the minute we left!!!
They even got Uncle Aric and Aunt Emily in on the fun!!!  And don't think Ethan was going to be left out of the fun!!!!  He danced ALL night!!  He didn't want anyone to pick him up.  He would go up the speaker and bounce!  He was the cutest thing to watch!!!  He is just shy of 11 months old and has no fear.  He gets in there with the big kids!
One thing I noticed was that we were the only ones drinking.... at least that I saw.... and we actually got some looks because of it.  We thought that was part of the fun.... we had a cooler with us and were just enjoying ourselves.  I know that a lot of people come to Branson because of the "good, clean fun" that can be had and that there are a lot of religious people that come to this area because of it.  Now I'm wondering if this campground is heavily populated by people of that mind set.... thankfully no one said anything to us, and that didn't stop us but, I did feel a bit awkward at times.  Oh well.....
We didn't let that stop us!  We got out there and danced with the kids and had just as much fun as they were!!!!  I even taught Owen how to line dance.... we were are doing the Cha Cha Slide!
The night was long.... the kids were exhausted so we put them to bed around 8:30.  Everyone passed out as soon as their heads hit the pillow.  Our camp site was just across the way so Brad and I went back to dance to our wedding song and we were able to keep our ears on the kids thanks to our monitor that reached!  It was a perfect evening!  I can't believe how much we have packed into our 3 days here... especially today!  Tomorrow is Monday but it is Labor Day so we'll enjoy another family day before heading back home!!!

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