Friday, September 14, 2012

Bowling for Mom's Birthday

A good nap was just what we all needed for an evening of bowling fun!!!  On my schedule for the week it just said, "Family Fun Night", I wasn't sure what that meant but I had a couple of things in mind.  Brad turned to vote over to the kids and an evening at Fast Lanes won!!! Yay!!!
Ryan called me as we were headed out the door...he was calling to wish me a Happy Birthday since he didn't get to yesterday.... weird how things work sometimes..... he found out we were headed to Fast Lanes and he called me back 5 minutes later and said they'd meet us there!!!  That was a nice birthday surprise!
And the kids were super excited to hear that Troy was going to be there!!!  Seeing all of the cousins (well the big ones at least) play together was a great birthday gift!  However, keeping them and their excitement "contained"  was a bit of a task!!!: )
Keeping Ethan from going down the lanes was probably our hardest task!  He is a full blown walker, Mr. Independent.  No more holding him.  Nope, he wants DOWN and he wants to wonder!  He wants to be a part of the action!  We tried to get him excited to cheer on the bowlers!  He can clap now and loves it when we all clap and say "Yay!!" but that only keeps him interested for about 3.5 seconds... and then he is off!!!
With the use of the bowling dinosaur and the lane bumpers, the kids were scoring better than the adults!!!  I think next time I'm going to lie about my age and get to use the bumpers too!!!  I don't want to be beat by my 3 year old!
There was no bowling for Giuliana but she did like hanging out in Ethan's stroller (since he refused to sit still in it!).  Soon, she'll be up running with the gang!
"Mom, is it my turn?!?!"
I had to keep my eye on that girl.  Once I looked and she was bowling for me...without bumpers.... I didn't need any help getting gutter balls.... little stinker!
The kids did do good watching the screen and knowing when it was their turn to go.... I can see how Addyson might have gotten confused since both of our names start with "A".... I guess I should cut her some slack!
While we were bowling we also ate there..... have you ever eaten at Fast Lanes before?!?  They bring out SO much food... I didn't get a picture because I'm almost embarrassed by how much we had at our table.  If I would have know the portions were so big we would have ordered less.  On top of big portions, I thought their food was pretty tasty for bowling alley food!!!
After our hour of bowling was up we headed over to the games.  We got a card with money on it to play most games... turns out that the casserole only takes coins... we had none... that didn't stop Addyson from riding.... when we weren't looking she just got up on the moving casserole to steal a ride...... little thief!  She did this a couple of times and Troy joined her a time or two... then the parents took their kids somewhere else, they were probably wondering when we were going to take our turn to pay..... Oops!
That's okay, there were plenty of games to keep us all occupied!!!  Basketball and skee ball are some of our favorites.
Tonight Owen and I stuck together most of the night.  We played LOTS of basketball and skee ball.... no one took pictures.... see, if I'm  not snapping away or telling someone to take a picture, it rarely gets done.  That's okay, we made fun memories tonight hanging out!  We also got to cheer on Brad and Addyson as they went head to head!
It is a good thing I got Owen early today and we all napped, we ended up staying here until about 8:30..... we were having so much fun and everyone was being so good that we lost track of time!  Ethan was our little alarm clock and he started getting fussy... it was almost 2 hours past his bed time!  So we cashed in all of our tickets, picked out a couple of prizes, and headed home to have sweet dreams of a great day!!!!  I love this birthday and my many celebrations!!!! : )

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