Tuesday, September 25, 2012


We have a nice little set-up for the kids.... I never really "believed" in having a kid room with a tv in it for them to watch tv separate from us but it just sort of happened.  We actually use to spend ALL of our time in this room and then last summer, when it was super hot in this room because it is a sun room, Brad and I started watching tv (mainly the Today Show in the morning) in the living room and the kids stayed to watch their morning cartoons.  They don't spend a lot of time watching tv, it usually inspires them to play so game and before you know it they are playing on the floor with the tv going in the background (see, and when I'm in the living room I don't see as much of the mess and I can drink my coffee and relax instead of seeing what I need to do later that day!!!)
We've got this cute cozy rocking chair I got for Addyson at a garage sale 2 years ago and a nice comfy couch that Brad and I bought for our first house as our Christmas present our second year of marriage.... lots of nice, comfy places to sit.  Turns out we have many other "chairs in our house....
Coolers (notice she has her blanket and a pillow in there)
Bean bag sak, Nammie's lap, or back of the couch
And a Suitcase
Did you know there were so many "chair" options?!?!  I had no idea!  And please take note that it is Addyson that is coming up with all of the alternative chair options!!!!

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Sarah said...

The cooler picture makes me so very nervous. A few years ago our neighbors little one was playing in a cooler. The top went down and from the inside wouldn't open again. The child died in there from lack of air. He must've thought he was "hiding" and by the time the parents found him, he was gone. The lack of air is scary with anything children can climb into that has lids. I am not trying to tell you what to do or how to parent....just sharing a tip....and if it saves a life, then all the Glory to God. We have all coolers and containers with lids on highest shelf.