Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cowgirl Day

Today was Cowboy/Cowgirl day at school today.  They do it every year.  The first couple of years the kids got to ride on the horses.  Starting last year, they get to feed to horses and pet them but that is it.  I had set a reminder on my phone so I would know to dress her up but for some reason the alarm didn't sound.
We were about to leave and I checked Facebook for the morning and saw someone's picture of their child dressed up for the day..... thank goodness for Facebook!  I ran Addyson to her room and changed her over!
We found Owen's boots from the first Cowboy day several years ago and they were a perfect fit for Addyson this year!  Look at this Cowgirl cuteness!!!!
And she knew she was cute!!!!  She was hamming it up and making Ethan and I laugh!
Here is the back of her outfit!
Then we went outside for a couple of more pictures.  Look at this sassy girl!
Always in motion!  And when she is being silly she has the cutest little giggle ever!  I could just eat her up this morning!
And that is why this post is overflowing with pictures and not a lot of text.  I just had to put every picture on her!
My silly cowgirl!
Off to have a great day at school!  When I picked her up her shirt was covered in orange!  They painted using carrots and orange paint at school today and she ended up painting her shirt as well as the paper!  That's my sassy cowgirl!  Love her!

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