Thursday, September 13, 2012

Eating Cupcakes

Happy Birthday to me!!!  It has been a great day and we are only on the lunch post!! : )  My morning has been filled with family, friends, and food!  I went to breakfast with mom, Gina, Addyson, Giuliana, and Ethan.  It was a good morning.  Then I rushed Ethan home to nap and I hung out with Addyson.  Now, we are at Kosmos with my friends.  They wanted to get together with me to celebrate!  I'm lucky to have such caring friends in my life!
Veronica brought me balloons because she knows I like the "showy" part of a birthday and Eylem brought cupcakes for us all to enjoy!  And there was one left over I could take home for Owen.  He was asking me all morning if we were having cake for my birthday and I knew we weren't.... Brad and I have a date tonight.... and he was super sad!  Then he didn't want to go to school... I knew he wanted to stay with me... he knew he had things planned and I could tell he didn't want to miss out.  And honestly, I thought about keeping him home but he didn't tell me he wanted to stay home until we were about 2 minutes from his school.  I had already driven across town.... so at that point I thought it was silly to keep him home.  So I'm hoping a cupcake will make it up to him!!: )  But I have to say, it was a bit sad not having him around throughout the day!
Had Owen been there, he would have told me that Addyson was enjoying her cupcake a little TOO much!!!  He would have had his eye on her.... that is one thing that I miss.... my extra set of eyes!
Addyson is a little stinker....she knows when I'm not looking... when I'm busy... and when I am then she cuts loose!  She does crazy things she knows she shouldn't ...... like eating her cupcake off the table with her hands.....
shoving in the crumbs by a handful!!!!!
Ugh, who taught this girl how to eat a cupcake?!?!  Her daddy?!?!  That's what I told my friends at least!!! Don't want them thinking this is how I eat my cupcake when no one is looking.  I do have to admit that I'll like a bowl of ice cream clean bu that is where I draw my line.
The only person whose spot at the table looks like this is.... Addyson.... and sometimes Brad!!!
Note to self- no more eating cupcakes in public!!!: )

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