Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ethan is 11 Months

This little guy is 11 months old.... one month away from being 1!  I can't believe it!  While he is just 11 months old, he acts much older!!!!  He is VERY mobile and great at it.  He walks about 90% of the time now!  He can turn himself around, bend down to pick up something, and catch his balance if he gets a bit wobbly!  He loves the mobility and the ability to follow around the big kids!!!  He follows them everywhere and cries if they shut him out of their room!  He has no fear or hesitation around bigger kids.... he is playing right there beside them!
He is so mobile and independent that he doesn't want to sit still for long!  He will cuddle as he gets more tired or to check in but then he is off!  Put me down, let me go are pretty much what he seems to be thinking as you carry him around!  I'm outta here!  He plays great by himself!  He knows the different areas of toys in the house and will go play in that area or go get a handful of toys and carry them around.  He doesn't need me at all to entertain him!  If we go somewhere, he goes off and plays and rarely checks in!  He is getting too independent too quickly for me!
He wants everything we have.  He has really taken an interest to things we are doing.  When I get water... he keys up and wants my cup.  If I'm on the computer... he wants to type.  If I have my phone.... he wants it to eat!  He is starting to figure out that there are "prized" items in the house that others want; phone, remote,and keys!  Or, "Hey Mom, can I have your camera?!?!"
His favorite item(s) are long skinny items he can carry around in his hands and/or carry in his mouth.  He loves bubble wands, drum sticks, markers, straws, and spoons.
Answers to other questions.......
What is your favorite drink? Breast milk, water from a straw, and mom just introduced me to goat's milk to see if I like it....not bad but, she doesn't give it to me often.... only when a babysitter is here.
What is your favorite food?  I like crackers for a snack and I love black beans and peas to eat.
What is your favorite toy?  I like the bin of kitchen toys!  I'm always finding something in there to carry around.  I love to put the circle pizza pieces in my mouth...my favorite but my mom hates it!
What is your favorite seat?  Seat?!?!  I don't like to sit.  If I had to pick a seat then I'd say highchair because that means it is time to eat!
Who is your favorite person? Owen and Addyson, Addyson spends a lot of time trying to get me to laugh and she is very good at it.  She also tries to pick me up which frustrates my mom. I look up to Owen and likes when he talks to me.
What is your favorite show? Watching Owen and Addyson but, the tv is starting to catch my eye! I like it when music plays on there and I can dance!
What is your favorite thing? I love to blow bubbles in my water cup!!!!!  I also love to dance!
What is your favorite thing to do? Put things in my mouth, I can always be seen carrying something in my mouth.  I also love to dance!
What is your favorite song? Baa Baa Black Sheep and now I like to bounce to all kinds of music!
What size clothes do you wear?  I wear 12-18 month clothes.... even though my mom tries to squeeze me into smaller clothes sometimes.... she needs to switch out my closet and realize that I'm a growing boy! 
We are struggling a bit with not feeling good this week.... therefore, this pictures were actually taken a couple of days after he turned 11 months.  I thought it was teeth but I've yet to see any additional ones popping up.  Due to not feeling good, sleep is also off.  We had gotten in a good groove where laying him down was easier and he was only nursing every 2 hours but that has slipped a bit.  To lay him down, I would play music (he prefers music over white noise), rock him standing up, lay him in his crib, and pat his bum for a bit and he would fall asleep.  It had even gotten to the point I could leave him before he was fully asleep.... not there this week but hopefully we'll be back to that point soon.  He is ok at getting to sleep at home however, if we are out and about..... he'll stay up!  He doesn't not go to sleep easily in public!
He is very social.  Loves strangers, other kids, and his family!  When we are out he is always waving at others!  If we see other kids, he keys up on that and heads for them!  When he sees Brad at the end of a day he is excited!  If Brad walks by him without picking him up when he goes to changes his clothes, Ethan cries!  He is excited to see Nammie.... he knows who she is.  And he loves Mrs. Veronica!  And he is always excited to see Owen and Addyson.... when he wakes up (nap or night time) he goes to look for them right away!!   One thing about him is he seems to love everyone.  He hasn't picked a go to person yet.
Ethan is VERY vocal!!!!  VERY!!!!  He babbles a lot!  He will point to things and babble but I haven't been able to connect a certain sound to a specific thing yet.  I know he is awake in the morning because he starts talking first thing!  He also screams.... squeals is more like it... like that sound of  a piggie that is being picked up.  This scream means; happy, excited, mad, frustrated, I'm play.... anything you can think of.  It is his noise!  He has done this since day 1.... I remember calling him our little piggie.  It hasn't changed.  Just now, I get looks from strangers.  We went to the store the other day and he actually gave me a headache from his screaming..... and we got lots of dirty looks from people.  I try to distract him with dancing and clapping but he still screams!
Hey Mom, I'm kinda done with all of these pictures.  Can that be a wrap?!?!
And that's our little guy at 11 months!  He is our happy bundle of joy! I often comment that he is the only one that is happy in the morning!!! : )  He is the perfect addition to our family!

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