Monday, September 3, 2012

Family Day at SDC

Today was Round 3 at SDC for us and today was hot, humid, and long!!!  There was no rain to cool us off.  No shuttle to pick us up.  And no going to the camper to nap and then heading back.  Nope, we packed up our campground this morning and headed out by 9 to get to the park as soon as possible and avoid the long car line of people trying to get in.  We knew that from the park we would be heading home.  We were all tired from the long weekend and we wanted to get home with enough time to unpack and get ready for our week... thankfully it is going to be a short week!
We had a couple of free passes to use with our season passes so Aric and Emily joined us for the fun.  They spent the morning with us going on rides with the kids knowing that we would peal off early and they could go do the big rides later.  The kids were SO excited to have them there!  They had talked about what rides they would ride with Aric and Emily last time we were there!  And Aric and Emily were good sports about it all!
There was a bit of hesitation about riding with Owen after I talked about how Owen gets sick and usually throws up at least once every time we go to SDC.... but I have to say that is after we ride the curvy roads to get there and then go sit on spinning rides.  I also figured out that having his stomach full before we hit the road helps.  After much debate.... Aric volunteered to be the one to ride with Owen!
That worked out perfect since Addyson wanted to ride with elephants with Aunt Emily anyways.  I should have told them though that Owen has never thrown up on a ride.  He has only thrown up long after getting off the ride but I didn't say that so Emily was a bit nervous about getting puked on... can't say I blame her!
It was nap time for Ethan and he isn't very good about going to sleep in public... it is almost impossible.  So, I nursed him down.  I sat there on the curb and nursed him.... and got lots of looks.... but, he went to sleep!  Today we brought in the wagon instead of the stroller (the wobbly wheel finally feel off as we were heading to the shuttle this morning.... glad it happened by the camper instead of in the park) and it ended up working out perfect.  All 3 kids could ride if they wanted.  I had a blanket in the bottom so I laid E down and then snapped my Beco over top to cover his eyes!!!!  It worked great and he got in a little nap.... just long enough to make him happy the rest of the morning.  He can actually do really good on a 30 minute nap even though he usually takes 1.5-2 hour naps!
Owen wanted to ride the roller coaster so Brad and Aric rode with.... hmmm... only one needed to go so that makes me think that Brad secretly loves this coaster since it pretty much the only on here that he can stomach!!! : )
Love this newest member of our family!!!  Hope she has as much fun with us as we have with her!  I'm also hoping this weekend away was a nice break from her second year at medical school!!!
Sweet girl somehow suckered Aunt Em into carrying her.... she knows she is out of luck with Brad and I!!!! : )
While the guys rode the coaster, I napped E and Emily took Addyson back to the smaller rides so Addyson could ride the lady bug ride.... now it is nice to have as many (and more) adults than kids.... all the kids get what that want!  It was perfect!  And good bonding time for the kids with their aunt and uncle!
Ok, when I'm having a great time and feel good.... I'm a little more likely to give in to things I would usually say "no" to.... especially when the kids ask sweetly and catch me off guard!  O asked to play this game so I said "Yes".... first I checked to make sure every game won a prize.... I wasn't about to pay money and walk away empty handed!!!!
And every game was a winner!!!!  Owen got to pick out a penguin!!
And he was SO excited!!!!
Seeing him smile so big, hug on the penguin, and talk about how he "love my penguin" made that $3 totally worth it.... what I worry about is.... now that we've done it once, is he going to think that every time we go he'll get to play a game????  Oh well.... I cross that bridge when we get there.
First, I have to think about now and how Addyson wants to play the game because Owen got to.  She is not really into stuffed animals like Owen is but... how can I say "No"?  And I'm sure that Owen will eventually end up with Addyson's penguin and have it involved in some "football" game or something else!
The lady was hoping Addyson would win the bigger prize but I was secertly hoping she one the penguin too.... keeps things even and fair!!!  Addyson picked the gray one (on her own) which will make it easy to tell them apart.
Oh, I forgot to mention that getting to play the game was part of a bribe.... I really wanted Owen to ride the Lost River with me.... I want to graduate him to bigger rides and I was trying to talk him into this.  I thought about riding the ride first but then I realized I didn't want to have to walk back to the game area later so he played the game first but "promised" he'd ride Lost River with.  When it came time to keep his end of the deal he wasn't a fan.  He cried the whole time in line.....
And cried the whole ride!!!!  Silly guy!!!  He hardly got wet... he still cried... and when he did get splashed... he screamed!!!!!  He is funny like that the first time he rides most things.... I wonder if next time we go if it will be different.  We'll see... he is broken in now!
 Then it was Brad and Addyson's turn to ride with O and I stayed back with E.  They went on the "shooting" game ride... I think Addyson thought it was the one with the laser guns... nope, this is the one with water guns.  I saw the adults really into it.... "Hey Brad, where is Addyson?"  I yelled.
He held up a crying Addyson reaching for me... NOT A FAN of this ride!  SO, no water rides for the kids at this point!  I remember riding this ride with Owen and his friend Jacob when O was about 3 and he hated it too... Jacob loved it.... Owen cried.  It was so bad that I had to get other boats not to shoot at us so we could just get through the ride!
Here Owen didn't mind going a little of the shooting at others.... once he got done pouting!
Here is half of the soaked members of the boat!
Poor thing... at least she didn't hold it against me too long..... I thought the water would be a nice refresher... it was SO hot but, they didn't see it that way!
Then Brad got the kids to go shoot at the boats.....
which Addyson thought was fun until the boats started to shoot back!!!!  Then she took cover!
While everyone else was getting wet, we hung out, took pictures, and snacked!!!  I had so much fun today spending time as a group and stealing quite moments with each of the kids!!!  Perfect way to fill our "love cups" and get ready for the upcoming week!
We had wet, tired kids.... what's one of the best ways at SDC to rest your legs.... ride the train!  We got a bag of sweet popcorn and hopped on the train!  Perfect!
And I LET Brad hold the wiggle baby for the 30 minute train trip!!!  Brad lucked out that E was a bit tired and impressed with the train ride and distracted by all going on that he didn't wiggle the WHOLE time.... just part of it!
Here are the kids checking out the robbers!  I've been riding this SDC train for years.... like over 20 years.... I love how the act has changed some but, for the most part, it has stayed the same!  What I was impressed with was the HUGE roller coaster they are in the process of building that we passed!!!  Wow, if you haven't seen it.... I think it is going to be the talk of theme parks next year!
My kids won't be ready for that big of a ride next year.... we'll just be riding by it... on the train eating our popcorn and waiting for our chance to ride.... someday!
The last ride of the day was the Great Shoot Out..... we love this game.... well some of us do.  I like it because E can ride with.  Brad likes it to practice his shot.  And Addyson really gets into it.  Then there is O..... even though he had ridden it a couple of times, he still doesn't like it, I don't think he likes the creepy, fake jailers and the darkness.... even though he knows nothing happens.  So.... he cried the whole time... it didn't help that he was DONE!!!  EXHAUSTED!!!!  And that meant that Brad didn't even get to shoot.  Oh well... next time!
In front of us Aric, Emily, and Addyson had fun and got the highest scores.  A great way to round out our trip with these 2!!! What a fun day!!!!  We left, loaded up in the camper, passed out lunches (which the kids ate a couple of bites of), and everyone passed out!  What a great weekend!  I can't wait to go back to Compton Ridge... and maybe SDC... in October!  Happy Labor Day everyone!

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