Friday, September 21, 2012

Fun Morning for Ethan

This morning we got to watch our neighbor Holden while his mommy went to work.  The 2 big kids had school so it was just the little guys and I.  It was neat to watch Ethan "play" with a friend without the big 2 in his face the whole time!!! : )  Hey Mom, I think Holden went this way!
 Ok, so in the beginning there wasn't a lot of interaction going on.... Ethan was too busy with his accessories!  Wooden spoon in his mouth, card in one hand, Owen's monkey's fishing boot, and a drum stick.... E is really into putting items into other items like the drum stick into the boot and manipulating it!  He is really starting to try to figure out how things work and what goes together!
 When Holden came this morning Ethan was eating and Holden ate off of Ethan's tray.... now it was Holden's turn to eat.... and Ethan said, "Hey, you owe me!!!  Think I can eat off your tray with this big wooden spoon?!?!"  : )
 Look at Holden looking at Ethan..... "Um.... that is my lunch you are eating!" and Ethan says, "Don't mind me!!"
The fun began after lunch.  They were watching each other play and Holden was trying to figure out all of Ethan's accessories!  "Hey Ethan, what's that you have???
 "Oh, a bowl!  I think I'll take it!!!"
 "That's okay... there are more where that came from... and I found a bigger one!!!!
Ethan loves this drawer!!!  He is in it non-stop!  And in case you are wondering where his card is.... it is in his mouth  When you need an extra hand just put what you have in one hand in your mouth!
 "Hey, wanna trade?!?!"
 "Never mind, I'll just take your card!  This is payback from when you stole my paci after I woke up.... remember that?!?!"
"Hey Mom, can you put the camera down and get my card back?!"
We had a good time this morning with Holden!  It made me realize that I do need to do more to find a playgroup for Ethan!  He spends all of his time playing with big kids!  He doesn't mind... he actually likes it but he spends most of his time chasing the big kids around trying to catch up.  This morning there was no chasing... they played side-by-side and watched each other and that was neat for him.  So, if you  have a little one and want to set up a play date let me know!!!!

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